Thursday, August 8, 2013

Mirrors for Reflection

by Maceo M NeSmith III

Mirrors produce reflections of ourselves and our environment. By looking in a mirror we can see things on our face that we wouldn't normally be able to see through our own eyes.

Mirrors also give us the ability to see how everything is connected to each other enough to reproduce a reflection. How can a mirror show connections?

When I look at my inner mirror, I can see the connections that form to create who I am which is my reflection. My thoughts are connected to my emotions; my emotions are connected to my choices; and my choices produce experiences.

So pretty much what goes on within me is what leads to my outward experiences; what is inside reflects outwards.

My perception is like an umbrella and all the above connections fall under my umbrella. My perception of the world is based on what is inside of me. The way I function in the world is based on how I see the world through my lens.

When you take your experiences themselves and go in the opposite direction you end up with our experiences teaching us about ourselves. Our experiences mirror who we are (based on the connections above) beneath the surface of what we usually identify with.

In other words, beneath the surface of: what we do for a living, how much our wages or salaries are, what type of area we reside in, etc. These things that we usually identify with are right on the surface and people can go years without ever understanding who they are beneath the surface. Beneath the surface is what creates our lives; how and why we live the way we do.

If we are not intimate with one of the connections at the beginning of this article then it would make sense why we struggle with understanding why certain experiences happen to us. Furthermore, it will help us to understand the frequency of certain experiences that we face.

Think about it, if you do not address and embrace your emotions you end up making choices without clearly knowing why and those choices produce your experiences. During or after the experiences we ask ourselves, "Why did I choose to do that?"

Once again if you go in the opposite direction then the experiences are all based on your unaddressed emotions. So either way if you do or do not address your emotions you produce experiences that are in connection to your emotions.

So why not just address and embrace your emotions from the start so you can be consciously aware of your choices and produce the type of experiences that you want?

Shift your perspective with me for another second; if you have negative emotions that you refuse to address you will create experiences that mirror what is going on within you. Why? I just explained why above.

One of the reasons why we mirror experiences is so we will be forced to look at what we don't want to or what we don't know how to look at.

Nevertheless, some of us still refuse to look inwards and wonder why they seem to attract the same negative experiences or why they always seem to find themselves dealing with the "same types of people".

At some point in your life you've probably heard something along these lines of, "We create our realities" or "Our thoughts create our realities". Everything begins at a thought.

Above, I focused on emotions but emotions manifest based on our thoughts, so our thoughts are what produce our experiences when you follow the connections. We're all mirrors for ourselves and to each other.

When you start learning from the mirrors instead of resisting the mirrors and doing the necessary inner work something interesting happens. You start to realize who you are beneath the surface and you produce a smile that is ultimately a reflection from within.

This smile is reflected back to you through every mirror you encounter on your path. From that realization on your awareness in life goes beyond words. Why? Your essence is beyond words. And what is your essence? A mirror for reflection.

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