Saturday, August 17, 2013

It All Begins With Me!

by Barbara H Hunter

I've committed to make the world a better place through sharing my thoughts and inspiration. If I want to make the world a better place, it all begins with me!

I realize that to begin, I have to be willing to take an honest look. There have been times when I have been less than authentic, I have said and done things that I felt would please someone else. This is a hard thing for me to admit.

As I contemplate these things, I realize that I have to be gentle with myself. This life is a wonderful, powerful journey. If I expect to bring love to the world, I must learn to love and nurture myself. It really does begin with me...

I begin by noticing the things I do well. I have cultivated habits that have served me throughout my life, such as: I am a dedicated worker and I love to learn. I make a choice to be conscious of those habits and my strengths.

I make a list that I can post in a powerful location to remind myself when I'm feeling scared or 'not enough'. I focus on the positive. I list challenges and triumphs I have experienced. This is a foundation that I can build on.

I set boundaries and honor my own heart. I take care not to over-extend myself. I commit to speak authentically, voice my true feelings. I am my own champion. It is absolutely freeing to acknowledge there is no expectation for someone else to take care of me.

I recognize that how I feel about myself is not dependent on anyone else. What someone else thinks of me is "none of my business".

Coming from this perspective I commit to share my feelings authentically, instead of my almost cliche answers I have used in the past. I choose to evolve past automatic answers.

I am learning to forgive myself for what I have considered my past "failures". I realize that it's only failure if I give up. The process doesn't have to look perfect. Growth seldom does.

I am learning to accept the highs and lows and bumps and bruises of life as signs of a life well lived.

I have decided that safety in life is over-rated. When it's time, I want to leave this life having put everything I have into it! I am creating a better world and it all begins with ME!

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