Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Curiosity Didn't Really Kill the Cat

by Kerri Williams

The phrase "curiosity killed the cat" warns us to curb our intentions to venture into things better unknown. Without curiosity, there'd be no creativity. But there would still be a cat.

Creativity is about the unknown. It's the mystery in life that we dare to unfold. Without curiosity, we'd never search out the unknown to crack the mystery.

Curiosity is the desire to learn or know about anything. Curiosity is inquisitiveness. Curiosity is the master of invention. The "what if" of life. Were it not for curiosity, we'd still be living in caves and killing our food with clubs.

In the world of creativity, curiosity encourages the mind to try something different and bold. It enables us to learn new techniques and to dabble in pursuits that are beyond the norm. Within the norm, it's been done and essentially becomes nothing more than a copy of what's already been done.

When we venture into the "what if" of our creative mind, we may come up with something new and beautiful. Or, we may come up with a colossal failure. Either way, we experiment the concept. We learn.

Mystery is anything that is kept secret or remains unexplained or unknown. Mystery is our search for self discovery and through our creative mind we dare to solve that mystery. It can't be done without curiosity.

Creative passion helps us search out the mystery of our being. Through it, we seek answers to the meaning of life and love, for an understanding of good and evil.

At our creative worst, we ask the questions necessary to find solace. At our creative best, we venture deeper into the mystery of life. Through all of this, we open our curiosity in the hope of discovery.

Creativity is the ability to transcend traditional ideas to create meaningful new ideas. Creativity is not art with a capital "A". Creativity is what we do with something familiar to make it something new. It's a curious venture of self discovery and self expression.

The term creativity is too often attributed to the arts - painting, illustration, music, writing, etc. Creativity is more than Art. Creativity is curiosity. Creativity is passion. The key is discovering your passion and the road to that passion is curiosity.

People often say they're not creative, but really, is it that they're just not curious? Or if they're curious, do their fears hold them back from the reality of their creativity?

Curiosity lives in all of us. It's inbred. We embraced it and pursued it as children. Many of us decided to outgrow it. Let the child inside come out and play. Let him become curious. Let her strive for new heights.

And don't worry, the cat's still alive.

Peace on your journey - Kerri.

Kerri Williams is a creativity coach, a fine art nature photographer and a writer on a lifelong creative journey. You can learn more about her work and view her photography at http://www.magpistudios.com.

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