Sunday, August 4, 2013

Be Yourself and Keep Moving Up!

by Krystle B Shaw

No matter what choices you make, there will always be someone who does not agree with those choices, but as you find your balance and maintain your alignment, most who are observing you will be more inclined to ask you what your secret to success is rather than criticizing you for being successful. And those who continue to criticize you would find no satisfaction in your justification, no matter how compelling your argument is - Abraham Hicks.

Here we go again folks. Criticism, criticism, criticism will either make you or break you. Why would you give in to someone else who is not even up to the level of success as you are? A person who only wants to bring you down because they are already down on their successes. What sense does it make for you to even care about what that person is thinking? None what so ever! Period!

Steer Clear Ahead!

You are the captain of your ship and you are the person who will only allow positivity to surround you in order to succeed. Motivate yourself to do more than anticipated and expected.

Stay focused and stay on course with your intentions setting them high. Follow through on what you have set ahead.

Criticism will come and those who do not want to follow your success and only want you to become a failure will be right behind you. Allow them to do as they please. There words will be encouragement for you to maintain your stamina and stay focused on the mission ahead.

You then notice that you will have followers. Followers who are watching you very closely They see how you are working and they see your success's. They also see's how you are working under pressure and criticism from negative people.

They begin to catch on and see you as a leader so they begin to follow in your footsteps. You smile because you knew that all of your hard work would pay off. Now you just have to keep moving forward.

Keep Moving Forward!

You have to keep moving. Even when you have found your balance and you are successful. Even when you are aligned with who you really are.

You are thriving just as you should and it will make you happy. Just remember that you need to continue to believe in yourself and not worry about trying to please those around you who feel that you are not going to succeed in life or your business.

In all, as from the words of Abraham Hicks, when you pay attention to the way you feel and you practice the self-empowering thoughts that align with who-you-really-are, you will offer an example of thriving that will be of tremendous value to those who have the benefit of observing you.

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