Tuesday, August 6, 2013

A Way To Approach Your Day

by Donald G Gaw

Do no harm. That's it.

Do no harm means that you will be doing good. It also means that you are putting positive forces into your life that will make a difference to others. This can impact, not just your neighborhood or your city, but the whole world.

The majority of people all want the same things. They want a roof they can sleep safely under. They want food to feed their family and, they want their lives to be peaceful.

Here are a few ways you can help. Join Habitat for Humanity and help build houses. When grocery shopping, buy extra canned goods and drop them off at a local food bank. Petition your government to end its wasteful and costly wars.

Living a life where you do no harm creates an atmosphere of peace. When you do no harm, you make others happy. When people become happy, they are able to lead healthier and more positive, productive lives.

Here's a simple way to spread good. Smile. Your smile has the power to improve other people's moods. Doesn't cost you anything either!

Why not, if you happen to be at a fast food restaurant, pay for a stranger's meal. Believe me, they will remember your kindness and; they may, in turn, spread some kindness of their own.

Can I do something good for you today? I want to pay you a compliment. Even though we've never met, I know you are a terrific person and no matter what your circumstances, you can achieve great things and, that can make a difference to thousands of people all over the world. Thank you for being you.

Other ways to do no harm. Say nothing negative about anyone. Be uplifting in your talk and the way you treat people. Compliment a waitress or a store clerk. Cut your neighbors grass or drive them to the store or to church. Visit the elderly in nursing homes. Thank other people.

Living in such a way that you do no harm can become a habit. And, an interesting thing will begin to happen to you. You will start to see only the good in others and, in a short while, all of your relationships will be positive ones. You will have created a culture of good.

This is a much better condition to live your life in. There's less stress, less sickness, more happiness and your friends and neighbors lives will improve as a result of your determination to do no harm.

This can spread throughout your entire community and beyond ... and it will build and create more unity in the world and that's ... a good thing!

The Author, Donald G. Gaw is a Sales Trainer, Motivational Writer and Speaker and Home Business Expert. Before moving to Kentucky, Mr. Gaw lived in Las Vegas, NV for 20 years, where he had the privilege of selling Rolls Royce Automobiles.

He travels extensively but, divides most of his time between Louisville and St. Thomas, V. I. To work with Donald and his wife, Lisa, drop him a message at: donaldandlisagaw@gmail.com or visit them at: http://www.APerfectWord.info

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