Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Gratitude Through Non-Resistance

by Nanci Wilkinson-Kurtz

One of the most important aspects of gratitude is that we accept the way that things are not place a designation of good or bad upon them. This has been one of the areas that I have fought with for a long time.

Accepting that there is no malice intended in the way that things are, especially when they are not going according to our plans. I think it may be because we think that things "should" be some other way.

In everything that I have read on the subject, I realize that there is a polarity in the world. There is no up without down, no hot without cold, no understanding of good is we don't comprehend what is bad.

But, it doesn't make gratitude any easier to accept in theory when you are experiencing what you perceive to be the wrong side of things.

On any number of occasions I have made comments like: "I should be experiencing more success than I am based on all of the work that I do." "There is no reason that that person should have said the things to me that they did.", "The car shouldn't have broken down right after it was fixed."

Notice how all of these are arguments against reality. There is no arguing with reality, it just is what it is.

The other aspect to this is that it moves us very quickly into a victim mentality. Someone stole our success, our money, our respect.

It relegates us back to the idea that there is scarcity in the universe and that something has to be given up by one person in order for another to have it. It is extremely difficult for us to maintain an "attitude of gratitude" when we are thinking like that.

Accepting reality and embracing non-resistance doesn't mean that you have to lay down and be a doormat. It just means that you have to remove the designations of "good" and "bad" from the set of circumstances.

Think of your life like a river and try to stay in the center of the current so that you smoothly and effortlessly move past circumstances that could hang you up and cause you to stop moving forward with your life. In short, go with the flow.

Should you experience a circumstance in your life that is not of your choosing, show gratitude for what it is teaching you in the moment. Accept the lesson with a thankful attitude and then move on.

The law of polarity needs to be recognized here as whatever has an element of "bad" in it has an equal measure of "good". What is, is. Whatever you decide to call it will be the reality of the situation.

According to Wes Hopper in his e-book, "The Astonishing Power of Gratitude", here is how you maintain gratitude through non-resistance:

  • Remind yourself that the universe is friendly to you and that there is an infinite supply of everything that you need.
  • Remind yourself that you get to decide what to call the situation that you are experiencing.
  • Remember that the good is there even if you cannot see it at the moment.

Work to maintain gratitude by seeing the good in everything that occurs in your life. By seeing it as bad you will only increase your suffering and cause other situations like it to be attracted into your life.

Non-resistance speeds up the time that the process requires and get you to the good much faster. Find something in every situation that you can express gratitude for so that you shift your energy to what you want.

We look forward to reading your comments and connecting with you.

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