Wednesday, July 31, 2013

A Practical Reason You Don't Achieve Your Goals

by Demond L Jackson

Many people believe goals are to accumulate this, that or the other thing. This isn't true at all. The real purpose of a goal is to cause you to grow.

The process of setting and achieving goals causes us to grow ourselves larger than we currently are. The new house, cars, jewelry or any other material thing is a byproduct of us achieving our goal. I wanted to share with you the right way to set goals.

There are three levels of goal setting. I refer to them as G1, G2 and G3. G1 is at the bottom.

When you set a goal to do something you already know how to do, you're at the G1 level. G1 goals shouldn't be goals at all because not only do you already know how to achieve it, the goal doesn't inspire you.

Going after a G1 goal doesn't challenge you to grow. It requires no creativity or mental capacity at all. G1 goals are not even worth your time.

A step above G1 is G2. G2 is a goal that you think you can do.

You reason that if this circumstance stays the same, if this person connects me with his uncle, if my banker can get me approved for the loan, if this supplier can offer me the price and terms I need, then I can achieve my goal. Good luck trying to get all of those variables to line up.

G2 goals are a stretch for you because you are endeavoring to do something you've never done before. But rarely are G2 goals filled with the passion needed to follow through, which is why so many people never achieve their goals.

Another aspect of the G2 goal is that in order to pursue that goal, you'd have to leave your G1 friends behind. They love you and want the best for you, but if you venture to rise above them, they're not going to support you.

So eventually what happens is that people go from doing what they think they can do, to go back to do what they know how to do. But they get bored and start back working towards what they think they can do. This is a very real problem that plagues all kinds of people.

G3 is where all the magic happens. G3 is a step above G2. G3 is liberating because it requires you to look inside yourself and ask the question, "what do I want?"

The great difference between the three levels is that G3 goals are actually something you can fall in love with. These goals move beyond just what you can think you can do if all circumstances fell into place. Your G3 goals excite you because you are pursuing something you really want.

So take a minute and write down five things you really, really want. Some of the items you write down will scare you. That's normal. Remember, the purpose of the goal is to cause you to grow.

G1 and G2 goals don't require any growth. G3 goals are a full expression of who you are. Goals that come from the core of who you are will be richly rewarding to you.

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