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What Do YOU Really Want? (Part 2)

by Elizabeth Spevack

Last time, we discussed a couple of ideas for how you can really listen to your inner voice and determine what YOU really want.

Here are some more strategies you can use to listen to that voice inside:

  • Pay attention to your physical responses. When you're trying to make a decision, does one option give you the nervous excited feeling of butterflies in your stomach, and you start smiling just thinking about it even if there may be challenges along the way? Or is it more like a knot of fear and dread that feels like a rock deep within you?

  • When you imagine yourself years down the road looking back at right now, how would you feel if you had chosen option A? And how about if you had chosen option B? Looking at your choice in this way will allow you have a longer term perspective on the choice you are trying to make right now. Is there an excitement or a sense of emptiness? These are important clues that are not to be ignored.

  • Pay attention to your emotions and let yourself feel them. It is so easy and common to try to pretend those feelings don`t exist or to try to numb them through too much food, mindless TV watching or Internet browsing or any other means of distracting yourself from your feelings. If you feel angry, for example, don't try to rationalize or talk yourself away from the feeling. I`m not telling you to act in anger or to always be angry. What I am saying is allow yourself to feel the anger and accept that you're allowed to be angry sometimes. Also allow yourself to feel excitement and passion. What invigorates and energizes you? What makes you feel like this is what you were born to do? What will keep you moving forward even when it may be difficult?

  • Speak with someone who will, without judgment, allow you to share your deepest thoughts and who will reflect back to you what she heard, perhaps surprising you with the insights you have kept hidden, even from yourself. Sometimes they can help you gain clarity that might be more challenging to reach on your own.

When trying to decide about starting my own business, for example, speaking to a coach allowed me to pay more attention to my own heart's desires and have the strength to make the choice my inner voice was screaming at me to follow.

If you would like to read part one, please visit:

Elizabeth Spevack is the founder of Heart and Soul Living. Elizabeth specializes in empowering women by helping them break through their self-imposed barriers, build their trust in themselves and share their unique gifts with the world.

Elizabeth's passion is opening the eyes of women experiencing deep anxiety to the world of opportunities around them and helping them live their purpose.

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What Do YOU Really Want?

by Elizabeth Spevack

We live in a world where there is perhaps more information coming at us on an ongoing basis than ever before. We are plugged in and online so that we don't miss that seemingly essential tidbit or nugget.

We are "on" almost all the time, very rarely taking time to just slow down a bit and take in not just what is around us but also - and especially - what is within us.

How often do you just go somewhere quiet and in those sounds of silence listen to what your inner voice is telling you?

On the other hand, how often do you find yourself:

  • Trying to live up to the competing expectations others have for you?
  • Allowing the doubts and fears of others to build on those you already have?
  • Continuing to always be on the go, even when your mind and body are screaming for a rest and your inner voice wants so much to be heard?

So how can you pay more attention to that inner voice? There are many techniques that can be used. Here are some, and look for more next issue!

  1. Whether you set aside regular time or commit to at least once a week, find time to sit in the quiet and listen to your heart and your intuition. Really focus on what they are trying to tell you. This could be when you're sitting, going for a walk or even when you're in the shower. It can also be very helpful to just sit down and write, uninterrupted, for 20 minutes. You may find yourself amazed by the ideas, solutions and creativity that you unleash by just letting your inner voice flow.

  2. When you're trying to make a decision, make a list of pros and cons. Really write down all the ideas that come to mind. Once they're on paper, there are a few different techniques you can use.

    • Using a purely rational train of thought, which option seems best? Option A or B? You can also try just putting the letters A and B in a hat and pull one out. You won't be making your decision this way; you're just trying out different ways to see which decision really seems better for you. How does the option you've chosen feel? Are you excited or disappointed? Excitement often indicates that this is the choice that you connect with more deeply. Disappointment can show you that you would really prefer the other option. Then you can ask yourself how you can make your desired choice your reality (note: we are talking here about two options that are neither dangerous nor harmful or hurtful to you or anyone else).

    • Look at the pros and cons you have listed for the various options. Even if there are more cons than pros, are those cons realistic considerations, or are they primarily based in fear and self-doubt? If they are more negative, it may be your negative self-talk trying to limit you and your growth.

    • Remember that it doesn't matter if there are 15 pros and only one con; it is the importance of each that counts, not the number. For example, on paper you and your boyfriend may be a perfect match, and these attributes all line up under pros. There is only one con: When you are around him, you find yourself questioning yourself and feeling like you are inferior. As a result, you keep things from him so that he won't judge you. This may just be one con, but one con can be a deal breaker if it is important enough.

    • On the other hand, maybe there is only one pro and 15 cons. The same logic applies here. When I was trying to decide whether or not to start my own coaching business, I prepared a list of pros and cons. On the con side: no job security (at least in the traditional sense), no stable income right away, different career path than people I knew, not what I had planned for myself, etc. Under the pros: My heart was screaming at me that this was something I needed to do. Three times when I had found myself moving away from coaching, I was nudged back by being let go from my job, in two cases completely unexpectedly. I felt like this was what I was created to you, and the message from my heart was so clear. So there was one pro telling me to start my own business with many logical cons telling me not to. I followed my heart and the pro on my pros/cons list, and Heart and Soul Living was born.

Look for more information in Part 2.

Elizabeth Spevack is the founder of Heart and Soul Living. Elizabeth specializes in empowering women by helping them break through their self-imposed barriers, build their trust in themselves and share their unique gifts with the world.

Elizabeth's passion is opening the eyes of women experiencing deep anxiety to the world of opportunities around them and helping them live their purpose.

Visit to sign up to receive your free guide, "9 strategies to break free of the anxiety that drains your soul - and become the person you were meant to be".

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Study: Stressing About Stress Is Bad for You

by Lindsay Abrams, The Atlantic:

People who thought stress was negatively affecting their health were twice as likely to have heart attacks, regardless of how much stress they actually experienced. Is this article only making the problem worse?

Benoit Tessier/Reuters


"Constant stress puts your health at risk," warns the Mayo Clinic. Meanwhile HuffPo not-helpfully chimes in with "10 Scary Things Stress is Doing to Your Body." Does anyone else get the feeling that stressing over the health impact of how stressed you are just might be counterproductive?


Back in 1991, 7,268 London-based civil servants were asked how much the thought the stress they experienced impacted their health, on a scale from "not at all" to "extremely."

18 years later, researchers in France, Finland, and the U.K. looked back at their answers and compared them to how many of the participants ended up experiencing fatal or non-fatal heart attacks.


Eight percent of the participants reported that stress affected their health either "a lot" or "extremely," and by the end of the study, those same people were over twice as likely to have suffered a heart attack as those who believed it didn't impact their health at all. This was independent of how much stress they actually experienced.


To some extent, the results may reflect a self-fulfilling prophecy. The people who thought stress impacted them a lot were also more likely to report experiencing high levels of stress.

And even though the relationship between perceived effects of stress and heart attacks remained significant after that and a wide variety of other factors were controlled for, they more likely to be have self-reported medical problems and psychological distress, more likely to smoke, and less likely to eat daily fruits and vegetables, get enough exercise, or have a lot social support.

So psychological, biological, and behavioral factors are all probably in play here. Still, there are people who can handle stress better than others, and it's probable that those for whom stress took the largest physical toll just knew they weren't the type to thrive under pressure.

If that's the case, the takeaway is simply that if you feel like stress is killing you, there's a good chance it is.

The full study, "Increased risk of coronary heart disease among individuals reporting adverse impact of stress on their health: the Whitehall II prospective cohort study," is published in the European Heart Journal.

Friday, June 28, 2013

Take It Seriously

by Ankit S

People take on so many jobs, tasks and responsibilities throughout their lives. These are anything from careers, part time jobs, hobbies, charity work or even helping a friend move. Many times, we just do a job to get our name out there, and that is okay.

However, whatever job you take on, perform at it to the very best of your ability.

It is important to know that whatever responsibility you take on, will have your name and reputation attached to it. Also, your performance will have an effect on whomever the job was done for; so take it seriously.

Most of us in the modern world have multiple careers throughout our lives. Often times, a particular career may be a means to an end. For example, a person may start writing books in order to launch a speaking career.

We may be part of a charitable organization that requires a number of tasks to be completed. This organization does a lot of great work and it relies heavily on its volunteers. We may also be doing a particular job as bridge between getting to our ideal calling in life.

All of us take on many different responsibilities, both personal and professional, that we often don't focus on like we should.

If we are only at a particular job on a temporary basis, we may not put in the effort that we need to in order to do a good job. We must not allow this to happen. For any job, task or responsibility we take on, we must give the best performance possible.

Take anything you commit to seriously.

Going back to the example of the writer; if he or she is so concerned about their eventual speaking career that they do a poor job with their writing, it can come back to haunt them in terrible ways.

If someone is writing about their ideas, their name is attached to it. Potential opportunities for speaking engagements could be squashed due to the poor writing or badly discussed ideas the writer has presented.

Another example, a dad may need to get a part time job to help make ends meet. The dad should take the job seriously, even if he doesn't plan to stay there long. He made a commitment to work there, and he may never know if he'll need a part time job again in the future. Why not keep a good reputation by doing a good job?

Finally, let's say at a charitable event, you meet someone who is in the same line of work you hope to be in. What a great networking opportunity if they see you as a hardworking, reliable and generous person. Not only that, it is likely for a good cause and people are relying on you.

Take every job, task or responsibility in front of you seriously. Not only is it the right thing to do, but your reputation is connected to it. We never know when doing a good job will lead to something bigger and better for ourselves. Be at your best always, no matter how minimal it may seem.

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Stories and What They Can Tell Us About Our Lives

by Susan K Loughrin

I have been working on a new creative project. Lots of energy and enthusiasm being spent. Lots of productive time making something new.

Bouncing my ideas off of others in a coaching group. But each time I embark on a new journey of creating, I find myself becoming angry.

Why does this happen? What is this anger about? What is going on?

My mentor and I were discussing this. She wondered aloud this thought: "It sounds like the tender spots are where you are angry" ... yeah. Very tender. The anger is telling me something.

Discovering that it is difficult to keep a project going with anger all around, I needed to find a way to work "through" or "around" the anger.

So, I distract myself with painting, stories, dancing ... something creative, but more mundane and a bit mindless. This creative energy frees up my mind so that I can "trick" my anger into thinking I am busy with other things.

When I do this I call it "spinning". Spinning reminds me of the stories of the spinning wheel where I can get busy creating (like the wool on the wheel).

This opens the door to metaphor and takes me away from my need to "control" a project. New ideas flow in. In this way, I begin to create gold from straw.

When I began drawing this image ... of a spinning wheel ... I thought of "turning straw to gold". I was reminded again of the story of Rumpelstilskin.

You know the one ... the millers daughter, the father says "she can spin straw into gold" to the king ... and the king wants to see this ... and if she cannot, she will be put to death ...? Then, a strange little man appears. He tells her he can spin straw into gold ... but it will be at a cost to her. She will have to discover his name, or give up her child.

I found the story and read several versions of it. It resonated with me. However, as I usually do, I attempted to logically "organize" the story. This caused me to be more frustrated, as I was not seeing or feeling what this story was trying to tell me.

So I went back to my "dream capture" work. I read the story as if it were a dream I had had. Then, I did the following:

Listed out all of the characters
Listed out the "key words" in the story that resonated with me
Re-read each word and wrote what that word meat to me in my current situation
And then ... I began to notice what the story was telling me. Here is what I discovered:

The little man (Rumplestilskin) = anger/creative fire/naming
The miller's daughter = rest/creativity/giving
The king = accountability
Spinning wheel = creating/spinning/asking for help
The baby = creation (project, artwork ...)

While each of these "characters" has an independent role, ALL of the characters create one "psyche" for me. We have all of these qualities within us.

In order to create something, it takes much energy ... and much rest is also needed. We must give of ourselves and ask for help.

In the end, a baby is born and we will not give it up. It is our "creation" and we are amazed at what we have made. Also, what it takes to get there.

What did I learn?

That this story resonates with me. Also, this story will repeat itself again and again as I continue to create, rest, ask for help and complete a project. Even though Rumpelstilskin stomps himself into the ground at the end of the story, that little man will be back ... and next time, I will know his name.

Arts Consultant and Creativity Coach Susan Loughrin helps people find the joy and creativity in everyday life. With the Inner~Creative~Voice Newsletter, she brings inspiration through creativity activities and ideas that can be implemented every day.

If you are ready to learn how to bring creativity and wonder into your daily life, visit today and get your free Creativity Gift Pack.

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Cycles of Creativity

by Susan K Loughrin

Do you ever notice that creativity has a cycle ... like in nature? Sometimes it is within moments, or days. Sometimes it is much longer.

The gentle nurturing of the creative self means taking a look at this cycle of creativity. And taking time and energy needed to nurture the cycle.

This cycle starts for me as a wonderful new idea, goes into a million directions, gets put out into the world in some form. Then, the idea is released, or let go moves into a meditative time to nurture and incubate... to return once again to the start of the cycle.

The cycle of creativity looks like this to me when compared to the natural cycles of the earth:

Seed (idea)
Growth (building and creating on that idea)
Blossom (the idea takes a form)
Decline (the idea is completed in a form, and sent out)
Death (the idea is gone, separated from the creator)
Incubation (a new idea is preparing to arise)

Observing the creative cycle in my own work has given me some valuable insights.

Much of my creating is inspired by nature. Nature brings me peace, and healing. It is important for me to share this joy with others through a variety of means.

Sometimes I write, sometimes I draw or paint, dance, sing, create melodies or act out the drama. I enjoy reflecting on the cycles of the universe and our earth through my work.

What type of "creating" fits into this cycle for you?

After I observe the creative cycle in my own life, I begin to notice the cycles within the cycles. Here is what I mean:


To me, whether the work is seen by another in the beginning stages of the cycle of creativity does not really matter. It is in working within the cycle itself that is important.

So, I find that I cycle around by getting the "seed" idea, growing the seed idea, getting the seed idea to blossom ... then, many times the idea declines and death appears before I actually share my creative work with anyone else.

That is alright. They process of the creative cycle is endless ... round like a seed full of life.


I can get lost in the re-creating of the beauty I see and experience in nature. One of the consequences of creating is getting lost in an idea and not knowing when to stop. Have you ever had that happen?

You are creating and creating and it is just not quite the way you want it? Then, cycle goes round and round and you have to jump off and just call it DONE! This creating is usually full of energy and inspiration. It can also be overwhelming... but is always exhilarating!

I can internally analyze my creative ideas and they can become overwhelming. At these times, I feel that my creative ideas are "incubating". Running around, piling up, too many ... too much!

I need to take time to acknowledge them. Put them in a safe place to bring out later, when the time may be just right ... the ground more fertile.


Occasionally, creating feels wonderful at the start, but it sometimes brings change or disruption which can be difficult and a bit scary.

Emotions and past events are revealed when we create. Whether it is the "nasty" voice inside your head, real words that were spoken to you that were difficult to hear, or you tap into a subconscious thought which may or may not be articulated any other way but through creating.

This can cause us to shut down ... a form of declining, or death. It can also bring in wonderful ideas for creating that lead to finished work. The fulfillment of getting the creation outside of ourselves leaves a new space to be filled.

Death of an idea that is now ready to be shared with the world. We can move on to a new creative endeavor ... using the dried and dusty remains to create anew.

There are many ways the creative cycle plays out. I have given a few examples based on my observations. I wonder what you think. How do you keep your creative cycle flowing and spiraling?

Arts Consultant and Creativity Coach Susan Loughrin helps people find the joy and creativity in everyday life. With the Inner~Creative~Voice Newsletter, she brings inspiration through creativity activities and ideas that can be implemented every day.

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How to Find Happiness: Resentful? Who, Me?

by Alyssa Johnson

Resentment. It's such an ugly word. You don't usually think of it when considering how to find happiness! But it's critical to the process! Let me show you how ...

What causes resentment? Feeling taken advantage of! As moms, this could be considered a daily occurrence if we're not in the right frame of mind. We spend each and every day helping others and giving of ourselves. It's so easy to fall into the "What about me?" trap!

What does that thinking tell us about how to find happiness though? It should be a red flag to let us know we're in a danger zone.

If we're feeling taken advantage of, then we need to clearly acknowledge those feelings and determine where they're coming from. They're an indication that something needs to change and change soon!

Do I need to set boundaries?

Have you been busy playing lead in the martyr role for your family? If so, perhaps you need to take a clear look and re-evaluate what you've been doing.

A very wise person told me once, "People will always treat you the way you allow them to." Take a minute and think about that one. Let it REALLY sink in.

  • Is your husband not thanking you for making dinner? Have you asked him to?
  • Are your kids leaving their toys everywhere? Have you made it clear they are to be picked up?
  • Are you running kids in different directions every night? Did you ask anyone to help you?

These can be hard truths to swallow. Trust me, I understand it may take more than just a comment! Some serious behavioral changes may be in order, but at least broaching the subject gets the ball rolling when you're wondering how to find happiness.

Having I been neglecting myself?

The other direction to look is inward. When you're giving all day long, you need to see it like a pitcher of water. Every time you give, you're pouring into someone else.

Eventually that pitcher's gonna be empty if you don't take the time to fill it back up. Do you know what a bone dry pitcher gets you? Yep, you guessed it - resentment!

That filling up process looks different for everyone. But you've got to understand the concept. The old standby of "There's just too much to do for me to sit down" is a trap. If you're empty, you become bitter, resentful and you're not able to give to your loved ones like you want to.

So the next time you notice resentment, it's time to start asking yourself how to find happiness! What are your resentment indicators? Share below!

Do you feel guilty about not being the wife/mom you want to be? Are you tired of saying "yes" to things you don't want to do? Do you know there's got to be more to life, but can't find it? Visit for more great info on how to enjoy your life and your family more.

Be sure to pick up my free report: Stop Trying to be Perfect! 4 Easy Ways to Enjoy Your Life while you're there as well!

By Alyssa Johnson, LCSW.

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12 Ways To Invest In Yourself

by Sariyd Feliciano

We live in a time of massive financial insecurity, social instability, and personal angst on a mass scale. Therefore, there is no better time to invest ... in yourself!

Why? Well, for one, if you don't, you run the risk of falling into a downward spiral of limited possibilities and opportunities for personal growth, professional success, and a transformed life worth living. Invest in yourself to transform yourself into an empowered individual.

And second, if you don't invest in yourself then not only will no one else invest in you, but no one will be impacted and inspired by you to transform their lives. In other words, the world will not transform if you don't.

Your transformation will create the possibility for others to do the same.

Invest in yourself because the world you live in, the world that your children and grandchildren and your great-grandchildren will be living is in need of empowered, transformed human beings to be the example for others to do the same.

There are direct and indirect social benefits to your transformational actions and results.

12 Ways To Invest In Yourself

Investing in yourself can take on numerous forms and you'd be surprised how simple it truly is. Here are 12 ways you can invest in yourself starting right now:

1) Exercise

Every day, preferably or at least 3 times a week, for at least 20 minutes.

2) Eat consciously

Throw away the junk food and eat fruits, vegetables, non-GMO foods, drink pure water, etc.

3) Breathe

Breathe consciously, deeply, mindfully. Healing, transformation, and improvement, begin, like life itself, with conscious breathing.

4) Take classes

Whether it's your local community college, getting your college degree, workshops, seminar courses, webinars, specialized training, certification courses, or online courses, there is no excuse for not learning something.

5) Take coaching

Hiring a coach (life coach, spiritual coach, business coach, physical trainer) is a great way to receive one-on-one instruction, inspiration, and to be held accountable.

6) Read

Reading books on subjects you're interested in or passionate about is an invaluable, low-cost, stimulating way to invigorate your mind while acquiring knowledge.

7) Learn self-healing techniques

The cost of healthcare will only go up, it seems, so learn ways and techniques you can apply to maintain optimum health, resolve emotional issues, relieve or eliminate stress, and to help your family and friends.

8) Take walks in Nature

Whether it's hiking trails, the beach, or the local Nature preserve, expose yourself to the mystical beauty and power of Nature.

9) Spirituality

Spirituality means many things to many people so whatever it may mean to you, assuming that it's meaningful to you, develop a daily practice of it. You don't have to subscribe to any specific religious system either - you can create your own. Seriously!

10) Community

Participating in a community of some kind, whether it's family, friends, or a gathering built around a shared interest, community enlivens and enriches the soul.

11) Volunteer

By being in service to others you benefit in ways that will surprise you. The act of giving - your time, talents, energy - is also the act of receiving.

12) Entrepreneurship

The job market is changing rapidly and it's not changing for the benefit of the hourly wage-earner. You have it in you to be self-employed or a business owner but you must get over any fear or false beliefs you may have built around this idea - and the only way to get over them is to take action! You have something to offer the market, which is now global thanks to the internet, and it's cheaper and easier than ever before to strike out on your own.

My list offers 12 great ways you can begin to invest in yourself right now. It covers your entire Being - physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, and financial. You certainly don't have to start doing all 12 at once. Try just one or two things first and then build from there.

However, it's only 12 ways that I listed and everything on my list is not for everyone. There are many more ways to invest in yourself.

See what else you come up with that you feel will work for you. The point here is to take action. The world needs you to take action!

Peace, Sariyd.

I offer transformational/performance coaching services, spiritual mentoring, and income opportunities to inspire and empower people to lead prosperous, fulfilling lives in all realms.
Visit my blog - - where I post daily articles to stimulate and inspire you for your prosperity.

You can also visit my personal blog - - a journal of personal growth and expanding awareness.

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Do Your Promises Take Over the Commitment You Made to Yourself?

by Joan Silva

Do you find yourself exhausted, working too many hours and still not getting things done? Are you constantly behind on your to-do list and the list keeps growing? Did you forget to add you to the list?

The ever growing to-do list. It seems it is never done and each day gets longer and longer.

What if I told you this is the way it is supposed to be? What if your to-do list is never supposed to get done? Is that as shocking to you as it was to me when I first heard it?

What was revealed to me was to just relax because you are never meant to be done. Period. Instead, we are meant to grow, thrive and expand. We are here on this planet to create, express and share our divine gifts.

It's all about our creative juices. And as you create, your list grows. You have new ideas, desires and wants ... the list grows. You think of new ways to play ... the list grows. You have a new business idea ... the list grows.

Okay, you get the idea. And yet, the list is daunting and let's face it, you still have tasks to accomplish in the day or all hell breaks loose somewhere.

After all the kids still need to eat, the dog still needs to go for a walk, the car needs gas, groceries to buy, bills to be paid and the clients need attention.

AND have you ever noticed that most of your to-do list is about someone else or promises made to something besides yourself?

Yep, I get it. There are things that MUST absolutely be done today. How do we handle all of this and still remember to add ourselves to that list? Not to mention, what about friends, family and connection? Where do you fit that all in?

This very topic came up for discussion with a client in a recent coaching call. She had been on an extended business trip where, as a healer, she helps special needs children.

Her work is in high demand as she has had great success in helping children with cerebral palsy gain more movement in their lives and children with autism actually talk for the first time.

She travels all over the world and the United States to help those families who need her healing touch. This is very gratifying work for her and she gives her all when she is working with each child.

However, her list of things to get done grows. As she travels and helps others, her own list doesn't get done or is put on hold and in the process she seldom, if ever, gets on that list herself. When she returns home she is drained and overwhelmed by the list of things she must accomplish and get done.

As you may have guessed, she doesn't find the time very often to fit in friends and family. Her time and energy is given over to the powerful healing she does for others. In the process she has given over her time, energy and talents to others and seldom to herself. She calendars clients but not herself.

This is very common with women and even more so for creative, entrepreneurial women. We are so busy doing it all for everyone else that we bypass ourselves. So what do we do instead?

There are three things that I find work for me ... that is if I remember to take a moment and actually engage with these ideas.

1. Take a moment and notice your attachment

There is a reason you are running around doing everything for everyone else and not for yourself. Stop and take a moment and allow the real reason you do this to come forth. Often it is an attachment to some sort of outcome and most times it falls into one of three areas.

The first area is a deep need to be loved and accepted. The second, is a desire to feel safe and secure. And the third, is low self esteem. Once you notice the deeper reason you can practice being unattached in those situations which frees you to let go and have a different experience.

2. Let go of the desire to get to the destination

It was an eye-opening revelation to me that I was so focused upon the end result that I was not enjoying the journey along the way. I realized I was meant to enjoy the journey not just get the list done.

That made life way too hard along the way. It was time to let go of the attachment to my "to-do" list and learn to just enjoy the ride. In other words, enjoy the journey and stop focusing on the destination!.

3. Put yourself on the to-do list

Have you ever noticed you do not put yourself on your list? Here's what I have found ... you will never enjoy life to the fullest if you do not consciously, purposely and strategically put yourself on your to-do list. Yes, take out your calendar and make an appointment for yourself.

One final thought and then I hope you'll rush to your list or calendar and add yourself to it ... I didn't share with you that the concept of "you never get it done" really does free you up to just enjoy the journey. It allows you to relax and let go.

After all if it never gets done then it's time to let go of the tight reins you have on the outcome and just simply enjoy the ride.

Oh, and as to my client ... she emailed me today and said her client cancelled their appointment today and she had the rare opportunity to just pamper herself. She was emailing me from a local coffee shop, sipping and enjoying!

Joan Silva is a spiritually based MONEY Counselor devoted to empowering men, women, couples and small businesses with the tools to live a freedom-based life of their dreams. You can find out more at

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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Things I Wish I Could Have Told Myself When I Was 18

Knowledge (Photo credit: Mister Norris)
by Constantinos K Costa

If you could turn back time, what are the things you would change in your life? What advice would you give yourself so your future would be more fulfilling?

In December I turned 40 and to be honest I'm not sure what it is about this age number, maybe it's a magical number or a turning point in life, but I had a quick recap of my whole past, remembering my successes but mostly my disappointments and mistakes I made.

If only I could have given myself this advice back then:

• Invest more in yourself

We are simply the product of what we eat, but also what we know. I would have told myself to invest in myself on a daily basis. The more knowledge you have of yourself and of the rest of the world, the more you can control your journey in life.

Reading personal development material and learning new skills can only help you in a positive way. It changes your perception and purpose of life.

• Communicate more

Clinging on to your ideas, opinions and emotions is not a good thing to do. You need to express yourself more and tell other people what you're thinking about. Remember the girl you had feelings for that you never had the courage to go and speak too?

What about your boss at work? What if you told him you could handle a lot more or you were interested in a certain position that you would enjoy more? Unless you actually tell people you are interested, people can't read your mind.

• Plan more

When you set yourself a target, you need to master plan the actions you are going to take. Whether it's a long term plan that covers the next 10 years of your life or just planning your next day, you need to write it down to see what steps you will take to accomplish your goals.

Keeping a journal is a good way to plan ahead. In the past 2 years I have learned to plan my next day so I accomplish more. I wish I did the same thing back then.

• Ask more questions

How much more would you have learned, not to mention the amount of time you would have saved, if you asked more questions in school and college. Being worried what your classmates would think of you if you made that extra effort, shouldn't have been an issue.

How many words of wisdom do you think our parents and grandparents could have given us if we had just asked the right questions?

• Choose your own career

My passion was always computers and what we can achieve with them. But my parents had other plans for me; they wanted me to become a doctor. I ended up taking the subjects in school to make my parents proud, only to realize 2 years later that that's not really what I enjoy doing.

Then I applied for a bank job as it was considered as a secure job with decent pay. After 22 years the job has still not fulfilled me. Find what you're passionate about and focus on making that your career. Don't just follow the money, follow your heart.

I know for a fact that if I could have known before what I know now, things in my life could have been a lot different. However I can't turn back time.

What I can do however, is first pass my knowledge on to as many other eighteen year olds as possible, and also to use what I already know now, to mold the next 20 years of my life, and you can do the same, whatever your age is.

If today is the day that you want to change your lifestyle, then do it today, because the more you put it off until "Next Week", the less likely you are to ever start. Just take a quick look at this site today to get some free tips about living a better lifestyle

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6 Things You Should Stop Doing

Happiness comes when we stop complaining about...
(Photo credit: deeplifequotes)
by Constantinos K Costa

Recently I wrote an article about how to give a good first impression and that you don't get a second chance to give a first impression.

But almost everything else in life you DO get a second chance if you pursue it and leave the past behind you.

A new beginning with small changes and habits can make a huge impact in your life and here are a few ideas to get you started:

Stop trying to be someone you're not

With the 'system' we live in we are forced to become what other people want us to become. What I sometimes say is that "we are born to succeed but programmed to fail" by our society.

Don't fall into this trap; step outside the box and make your own opinion of who you want to be and how you plan to do it.

Stop Complaining

The easiest thing to do in life is to complain and blame others for all the things that are going wrong in your life. Any fool can do it and any fool can use excuses. Different problems and obstacles that come your way are just a mere test of your character.

Will you be knocked down or will you prevail? No-one wants to be around a complainer so pick yourself up and handle it. Take responsibility of your own life.

Stop being scared of making mistakes

One of the great things when you're in your 40's like I am is that you can look back and see the mistakes you have made in the past. Now to dwell on them is a huge mistake, but to learn from them is a privilege.

Being your own teacher from experience you will understand that the more mistakes you make the more you learn.

It gives you the chance to not make the same mistakes again because you already know of the consequences first hand, but it also encourages you to challenge new things and not be afraid of making mistakes. It's a win-win situation.

Stop spending time with the wrong people

The definitions of 'wrong people' here can be so many. The wrong people can be negative people who always complain about problems and always have an excuse to justify their misfortunes. Stay away from these 'vampires' as they will suck all the positive blood flowing through your veins.

They will eventually rub off some of their negativity onto you. The wrong people could be the people who are jealous of you for all the wrong reasons. The 'right' people however are the ones that stick by you when you most need them.

When you're at your best many will follow you but when you need help, how many will stick around offering their assistance?

Stop overlooking the details

It's always the 'small print' that we overlook to read sometimes but it can change the meaning of the whole message.

Just like reading grocery store brochures that are mailed to us where they will happily advertise "from 20th till 25th all food items at 30% discount", and then underneath in small print you notice that it says "offer is valid for purchases above $100".

This is just an example but we experience the same things throughout our lives overlooking the details that mean so much to us.

A friend might call you to just ask how you are, you don't give it much consideration as you chat away, but isn't that a nice gesture? Isn't that person worth holding onto as a close friend?

Stop taking the easy way out

When things are tough or you have a decision to make your first reaction will be 'which route is the easiest route to take'.

It might be the easiest but if you take that road will you learn anything? Will it help you accomplish new things in your life? Will it help you come closer to your goals you have set yourself?

The answers are probably 'no' because as long as you are in your 'comfort zone', things will always stay as they are. Do the unexpected and outperform yourself; you'll be amazed at what you can achieve.

If today is the day that you want to change your lifestyle, then do it today, because the more you put it off until "Next Week", the less likely you are to ever start. Just take a quick look at this site today to get some free tips about living a better lifestyle

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When Life Throws You A Curve Ball, Hit It Out of the Park!

Home Run
Home Run (Keith Allison)
by Charlene C Tops

Feeling a bit discouraged, disorientated and disengaged, I was walking home from the store when suddenly a burst of inspiration popped into my mind.

It was one of those days where I had a huge list of things I needed to accomplish, but could not focus.

Each step I took my feet only felt heavier and heavier.

The feelings of uselessness and futility were overtaking me; I felt like I was drowning in this murkiness.

I was weary of trying to "talk myself" out of it. It had been two weeks since I was let go from my job due to downsizing, and I had already spent numerous days "talking myself" out of feeling down.

Four years ago when I started to work for this high tech company, it was the place to be employed. The king of all the jobs! People were desperately trying to find employment within this growing giant tech company. It took me months to land this job. I loved being there!

Day after day, I went to work excited to be there. Little did I know that the competition in this day and age would cause this well-known company to bow beneath the weight of the market? It would downsize merely to stay afloat. And yes, I was one of the ones tossed out.

The day I was let go still haunts me. I was escorted out of the building to a taxi awaiting me. I wasn't able to go back to my desk and gather my things. I wasn't able to say goodbye to my colleagues or to exchange contact information.

I was simply herded out like a cattle being prodded. Needless to say, this unraveled me! I was totally blindsided. I had seen many others lose their jobs and felt the pain of watching them being escorted out of the building.

I thought that my position albeit was secure. They needed the services that I was providing. I was flabbergasted and numb in the same moment. When this type of thing happens, it is very overwhelming and it is easy to begin to lose your identity and self-worth.

Although I realized that I was just one person in a huge amount of others that were going through the same thing, it still hit me hard.

When I would talk to others about what they were going through, it was easy for me to tell them, it wasn't their fault and it had nothing to do with job performance and the like, but suddenly it was MY face in the mirror gazing in unbelief. It can be quite debilitating.

For two weeks I had thought day and night about losing my job. Some days I functioned well while others I didn't get much accomplished. I would try to do all the right things to help myself.

I was tired of this ongoing conversation. I didn't have the energy I needed to bring myself out of this funk. However, I figured I would just talk to myself one more time and reiterate to myself exactly "how" I felt.

Give my emotions a name, acknowledge them as being real. I started the conversation with myself, beginning with the sentence "I feel like I have been thrown a curve ball yet again." No sooner did I say this to myself, when the answer came ever so boldly.

So??? Hit it out of the park! Take the unexpected turn of events and use them to your good. Slam a smashing home run, right out of the park. Don't strike out! Don't foul ball, simply grip your bat and slam it baby! You can do it!

My own words changed my life! I decided then and there that I would move outside my comfort zone.

This unexpected turn of events was actually the catalyst I needed to take action to follow my dreams! Today I feel such a sense of fulfillment and gratitude for the opportunity to live the life I love!

In a fast paced world we often lose sight of who we are and where we want to go. Let me empower you reach the TOP of the life YOU want to live! Visit

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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Breaking Free From the Mold and Living Life to the Full

Living My Life (song)
Living My Life (song) (Wikipedia)
by Constantinos K Costa

Sometimes we are so wrapped up in our hectic daily lives that everything seems to be routine to us.

We take everyone for granted and we ignore the little things in our lives.

For many people change is not an option, or at least they think it's not.

But what if you didn't want to be mediocre like most people?

What if you just wanted to break free from the 'normal' life we are all programmed to live?

Taking control of your own life and not settling just for mere existence requires you to have self respect and a passion to succeed in becoming something better than you already are.

But it also means that you need to step outside the box and look at what you can change and what you should keep close in your life.

Here are a few suggestions in taking those vital small steps that will make a difference to changing, and living life to its full:

Be Unique

Everyone is unique in their own way, and that is a gift to us all. In this crazy world we live in, everyone is trying to 'mold' everyone else into something that they want. Just don't accept it.

You are who you are and yes you are unique in your own way. Don't let people 'program' you into something you are not.

Appreciate People who Care About You

Sometimes we are so reserved by the lies that people tell us that we actually ignore the truth and honesty that we receive from people who actually care about us. You know who cares about you and who is jealous.

Who are the people you would call if you were in trouble? Who would have nothing to gain from your downfall and who would take sacrifices to help you? We often take advice from the wrong people; usually people who are fun to be around instead of people who actually care for us.

Embrace Change in Your Life

People usually look at some form of change in their lives as a burden. Don't be afraid to experience change in any form since it has come to you for a reason. A new challenge or maybe a new opportunity you need to explore.

You won't find out until you accept and tackle it making it work to your advantage. Life is a roller coaster with its ups and downs, and what you become is how you deal with it.

Enjoy the Little Things in Life

I am sure you have heard the phrase "the best things in life are free". Don't be materialistic and enjoy every moment with your loved ones. Look at the details and not just the whole picture.

Don't take everything for granted and look at the small things because one day you might realize that they were actually the big things that made the difference.

Listen to Your Inner Voice

Choose to listen to your inner voice and not everyone else's opinions. Accept opinions but then you decide which road is best for you since it's your journey in life.

Remember that the choices you make have an impact on your life. You will have good days that will give you great happiness and bad days that will give you experience.

Let go of the Past and Live the Present

Sometimes what holds us back from living the present and planning our future are the dreadful mistakes or consequences of our past. We all have regrets of the past but guess what; we are all given a 'present' of forgiveness which is called 'the present time'.

Letting go can be difficult but sometimes starting all over again can be the best option, whether it's a career move, a new relationship, or just having a new perspective of life.

If today is the day that you want to change your lifestyle, then do it today, because the more you put it off until "Next Week", the less likely you are to ever start. Just take a quick look at this site today to get some free tips about living a better lifestyle

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The Power of Effective Communication Skills

Communication (Photo credit: P Shanks)
by Cynthia Willis

Sad to say, but most people do not realize the power of effective communication skills.

Poor speaking skills can limit and paralyze career advancement or your ability to establish new relationships.

Whereas, effective communication skills may lead to limitless opportunities, new personal-professional relationships, and improve your quality of life.

Great communication is a human connection. Effectively communicating your thoughts and ideas gives you the ability to manipulate your environment. It allows you to transfer your thoughts and ideas to the people within your environment.

Powerful communication is about stimulating the listener(s) and getting the listener(s) to understand your viewpoint. Effective communication is the power of persuasion.

If you are an authority figure, powerful communication may allow your listeners to understand the message(s) you conveyed at the moment you spoke it.

You may want to ask yourself, "how can I tell if I am an effective communicator?" The answer is simple; do people ask you for clarification every time you speak? If the answer is yes, you may not be an effective communicator.

Keeping people keenly interested and attentive is an art, it has a lot to do with the emotion you exhibit when delivering your message. Your audience can detect your passion from the tonality of your voice and your nonverbal gestures.

Verbal communication skills, is a social tool to expressing your thoughts within your environment. Choosing terminology that will best describe your thoughts and ideas is crucial to effective communication.

Nonverbal communication is also a vital component and may be the most powerful component in your communicative performance.

When used correctly, your verbal communication skills can exude the confidence you have in yourself and the belief you have in your product, services, or your message(s).

Your personal appearance may enhance your believability if it's in-sync to what your message, tonality, and gestures conveys.

Invest your time in enhancing your own speaking style. Creating an effective speech style may consist of honing your syntax, semantic, phonology, pragmatics and speech intelligibility.

When you choose to engage in a change process, the journey may be filled with both opportunities and obstacles. But change is not impossible, you must obtain self-control, enthusiasm, and motivation in order to make change happen.

Communication is also about perception, if you can get your listener or audience to hear, see, smell, and touch the objects in your message without the objects being in the room, you have developed the ability to stimulate the listener.

The purpose of communication is to connect humans together and allow us to be of service to one another.

Cynthia Willis, M.Ed., CCC-SLP has earned the highest credentials needed to practice speech-language pathology in private practice.

Cynthia Willis has earned the Certificate of Clinical Competence (CCC) from the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA), of which she is a member. Ms. Willis holds a license from North Carolina State Board of Examiners for Speech-Language Pathology and Audiology.

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How Willing Are You To Change?

Change (Photo credit: Sean MacEntee)
by Cara Lumen

You have to be willing to give something up - to release something, to make room for something new. Or you won't grow.

You won't realize your dreams. You have to be willing to move out of your comfort zone. You have to be willing to change.

Are you stuck in the past?

What about all the "what-if's" in your life - do you still believe them? What if I'd studied this in college? What if I had taken that job instead of this one? Everything would be different - right? Wrong.

Those crossroads have been reached and choices have been made and there is no going back. However, there is the insight that you had when you considered that choice in the first place.

Why were you drawn to photography, or languages, or the idea of foreign travel? What longing would have been met, what skill would have been used, what experiences would have been gained? And how could you capture some of that right now from where you are this minute?

There is nothing to say you couldn't take a class in photography, or a language, or even get some certification that would open up a new door. Let the past guide you with its tugs of interest, and see if you are ready to put them into play now.

Are you still playing it safe?

There is only one way to grow and that's to explore something new. Give it a try, see if you like it, and see if you are any good at it. See if it fits in with your overall plans. Or if it opens a new door or gives you any new ideas.

Look at your skills. I'm a writer, an organizer, a lifelong learner and a teacher. I get excited about something, learn it, and then share it with others. But what I get excited about changes.

What are you excited about learning or doing or understanding that you want to explore and then share/teach/explain to others? If some ideas pop up write them down.

Go to the edge of your comfort zone and step over

I've just recently moved to an area I lived in 35 years ago and I don't know my way around.

I have a GPS whose warm voice is greatly reassuring but one evening shortly after I moved here I followed my son to his new house over a highway that had not existed before and then had to find my way home in the dark on my own.

I will tell you that every intuitive antenna I have was alert. It was dusk and the signs were hard to read and the road unfamiliar and I was glad I had been so observant on the way over.

I was greatly relieved when both the GPS and I recognized my turnoff. My arms were aching. I became aware of how I had been listening and feeling with my entire body. But I did it! I made it back by myself in the dark.

Whether you have a GPS or not, you have to push forward into unknown territory in order to reap the reward. I was delighted to see my son's home. We had a great talk. If I hadn't been willing to trust that I could find my way home I might not have taken that particular opportunity.

You have to trust. Trust that if the inclination is to do it you should. If the inclination is not to do it, look over your reasons carefully to be certain you are not standing in your own way, and if you are not then don't do it.

Trust what other people see in you

What do other people ask you to do? What do they see in you? You might want to make an Acknowledgement Book in which you write down the positive things people say about you. Then look at those for the signs that you have been missing.

I remember a long time ago a friend saying, "You'd make a CEO of a different sort." It surprised me at the time. But it spoke to my leadership abilities as well as my creativity and outside the box path. Ask your friends and family what they see as your strengths. Listen, and then put those to work.

Go where you are needed

When you focus on the needs of others you will step outside your comfort zone with little effort. Stop focusing on your own fears, your apprehensions, your reservations, and see where you are needed in this world.

Then get yourself in service. Be willing to change, to seek, to explore and to commit. That's where the forward movement is. That's how you embrace change.

Cara Lumen helps you stay passionately on purpose while you make a difference in your world.

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Monday, June 24, 2013

What Are the 4 Things That You Want From Life, and Have You Thought of Your Plan to Achieve Them?

Health (Photo credit: Tax Credits)
by Michael G A Brown

The setting of goals has been proven to be an effective key in achieving many great things in life.

The fact is a written goal could be one of the greatest investments that you may make during your life.

You could think of it as making a verbal contract with yourself; being written down gives you a visual method of seeing clearly the things that you desire to achieve.

Indeed the idea of seeing pictures of yourself viewed as if you have already achieved the goal could be a very powerful tool to influence what is known as your subconscious mind.

Things that many people want

If you consider the things that most people want in life, you could find that there are a number of things that seem to come up often in the list. These could include good health, a happy life, a stable income, a good relationship to name just a few.

Once a person has decided on the things that they want in life, the next task would be to work on a plan to achieve them. Let us look at these key things.

1. Good Health

This could be thought of as the most important thing that a person would want and need in life. Without good health it could be very difficult to achieve most things in life. Indeed during the time when health is not good, it may be difficult to do things like work or study.

So having good health is very important and is something that you should not take for granted. Health could be said to be something that you have a great deal of control over.

This is due to the fact that you are generally responsible for the food that you eat and the exercise that you do. So it could be said that you have the power to greatly influence your health.

2. Happy Life

There are a number of things that could be suggested that contribute to a happy life. Having a feeling of well-being could be one of the important factors.

And to gain this feeling of well-being could be due to things like a good home life, a good work life, a good study life, living in a pleasant clean safe environment, living free from stress.

It could be suggested that stress is the cause of a great many illnesses. So happiness could be influenced by many factors.

3. Stable Income

Having enough income and sufficient cash flow could be key to ensuring a pleasant happy life. One of the sad things is that in a desire to work and earn enough money can often lead to a poor work-life balance.

If a person is spending all their time working they might not find enough quality time to spend with their family.

One of the things that has been suggested by some people is to develop multiple streams of income. This means that you should look at how you can earn income from sources other than working.

4. Good Relationship

The fact with relationships is that it takes two people to make a relationship work. So in-order to have a lasting relationship it may be important not to blame the other person but take full responsibility to ensure that it works.

So what are the things that you want to achieve in life, and are you working on a plan to achieve them?

MGA Brown (c) 20 June 2013
MGA Brown is the Author of "Thoughts To Make You Think" and "Thoughts to Make You Wonder".
To find out more, and see how you can benefit go to

Article Source:,-and-Have-You-Thought-of-Your-Plan-to-Achieve-Them?&id=7806467

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Get Out Of Your Own Way In Four Steps

Losing Weight
Losing Weight (
by Anita Alleyne

You are probably familiar with the expression getting in your own way.

Perhaps you are making progress and taking steps toward your goal.

Sometimes it feels like you are moving forward, other times it feels like other things in life just get in the way.

You take time to focus on other things and keep your goal in the background.

Perhaps it's losing weight, getting a promotion at work, starting your own business, it doesn't really matter what it is, you don't have time for peak performance anyway.

The passion and vision dissolves, as you go back to the beginning of your disempowering loop.

At some point in the future, fed up you start dreaming again, which by the way is the start of making your goal real. Frustrated, disappointed with the way your life is now, you make the commitment starting over. You're going to do it this time.

The progress isn't quick enough and you're overwhelmed with it all. You don't want to give up, but family and friends are used to it, and when you do start over, perhaps you don't feel their support.

What will it take to keep you moving forward for where you really want to be? You can get out of your own way easily in four simple steps.

First change your physiology. Notice especially, if you're standing or sitting with your head hanging and your shoulders stooping.

Stand or sit as you do when you are confident - and if you're not there yet, act as if you are. Notice that even a small shift in your body, can make big difference in your energy level.

Next change your language. When you say "I'm thinking about starting a new business ..." "getting a promotion", "I might start losing weight ..." that's all you'll probably do. While it's true that any change starts with a thought, at some point your language needs to suggest action.

"I'm updating my CV for promotion next month ..." or "starting a business by the end of the year". Likewise, if you "might" start losing weight, "I must start managing my weight today". It's as if you are doing it already.

The third thing you can do to keep you moving toward what it is you want is focus. It takes about seven seconds of focus on what you want to shift your emotional state.

Imagine what seven seconds of focus on what you want, once every hour each day could do for keeping you in control of reaching your goal. Set your timer every hour and do it for one day - notice the difference!

Finally, sharing even small steps you are taking is one sure way to reinforce your success along the way. Make sure you share with people who support you. People are often afraid to talk about their progress fearing disapproval.

If you come up short in support from people close to you, social media is an excellent opportunity for you to share with the world.

You only need to write one sentence, or a short phrase "I finished my CV for the manager position today" - then share or post your action, so you can connect to your new belief that "I can, and I am!"

That's right, make it public. Change your physiology, your language and focus. Then share your progress. Reinforcing your action steps by sharing, are four simple steps to keeping you in control, with passion - for reaching your goal.

Download "Yes I can!" free at Share Your Success video here.

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The Psychology Behind Why Music Helps You Work Out

We know that music helps a lot of us through a workout, but the the psychology behind when music works and when it doesn't is still being investigated. 

The Psychology Behind Why Music Helps You Work Out

The BBC Future has a few ideas about what's going on in your brain.

In general, music has the greatest effect on self-paced exercise:
The benefits of music are largest for self-paced exercise - in other words those sports where some of the work involved is in deciding when to act, as well as how to act. This means all paced exercises, like rowing or running, rather than un-paced exercises like judo or football. My speculation is that music helps us perform by taking over a vital piece of the task of moving, the rhythm travels in through our ears and down our auditory pathways to the supplementary motor area. There it joins forces with brain activity that is signalling when to move, helping us to keep pace by providing an external timing signal. Or to use a sporting metaphor, it not only helps us out of the starting blocks but it helps to keep us going until we reach the line.

It makes sense. After all, music distracts us from fatigue, and at the right BPM music can improve a workout. If you need some help picking out the best exercise headphones, we've got you covered as well.

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Brandy Was Right: Almost Doesn't Count

English: Sailing to California for the Califor...
English: Sailing to California for the California Gold Rush (originally published in 1850s) (Wikipedia)
by Rico A Reed

Today I was sitting down for a couple of minutes watching "Wipeout" with my family, enjoying the site of people trying to compete for $50,000.

I normally don't watch TV because it's usually nothing of value on but I do enjoy a good laugh from watching the guys and girls on that show.

On the last episode there was a guy that made it to the final round, when it's down to 4 contestants, and he was the third guy in line.

He ended up making his way down next to the last obstacle with over 2 minutes left to beat the leader and he quit.

Why did he quit at the last minute? I mean he was 2 minutes away from winning Wipeout. He was almost a winner.

Watching that show reminds me of how so many times people think that almost is another word for second place when in reality almost doesn't count.

Brandy hit the nail right on the head with this statement. Almost in anything just means that the person that almost does something always loses.

I recently read about a rancher, we'll call him John, back during the early days of the California gold rush. Back during those days people risk their entire lives to hunt for gold with the hopes of becoming rich.

This rancher sold his ranch, convinced all his friends and family to loan him money, and took everything that he acquired to purchase a drilling machine to dig for the precious gold.

"This rancher sold his ranch, convinced all his friends and family to loan him money, and took everything that he acquired to purchase a drilling machine to dig for the precious gold."

What happened next is something that continues to happen to millions of people across the globe. The same thing has happened to myself numerous times too.

John began drilling with all his hopes and dreams relying on his knowledge of mining. He continued to drill, and drill, and drill until the drill appeared to not be able to drill any more. It was almost like he ran into a concrete wall underground.

So there went his dreams along with all his money. So in order to save a little dignity John sold the machine to a fellow gold hunter and returned back where he came.

"John hit a snag and quit."

However our new drill owner was educated enough to know that he didn't know everything there was about mining. No, our new owner was smart so he went out and found someone skilled in the mining business.

The miner said that the previous owner had hit a fault line and all he had to do was drill three more feet into the ground. And that turned out the be the case, the new owner drilled pass the line, found gold and became incredibly wealthy.

This story has two morals to it. One, John almost reached gold only to quit right before the finish line. Two, had John sought someone skilled in the mining business he would have learned that the gold was sitting right past the fault line.

In business it seems so often that as soon as thing get going there's always walls that we run into.

There seems to be something that knocks a person off course only to realize later that they were on the right track. All they had to do was break through the wall, or crowd, or whatever you want to call it.

"3 Feet from Gold!"

If only I would have sought after someone that knew about the subject I wanted to know about I would have reached that "gold" long ago. Sometimes all it takes is 3 feet to cross the finish line.

Today, right now, don't stop 3 feet from the goal. Drive on in whatever it is you're doing until you cross that line. If you don't know something find someone that does and continue until you break through to your goal. Remember almost doesn't count, so don't settle for second best.

My name is Rico and I found why some people succeed and other fail. The difference between winning and losing is so small it's almost difficult to detect. I've struggled with this before but not anymore.

Visit to learn more today about the thin line between the two.

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Friday, June 21, 2013

Has The Internet Changed Our Definition Of Success?

English: Kim Kardashian Fragrance Launch, Glen...
Kim Kardashian (Wikipedia)
by Matt Saccaro, Thought Catalog:

In the future, a grandmother’s crowning achievement - the thing she never forgets to remind her grandchildren about - will be that Justin Bieber retweeted her once.

The framed screenshot of the RT will become a family heirloom.

This hypothetical situation isn’t outlandish; the internet has forever changed many aspects of the world, and society’s sense of accomplishment is one of them.

Prior to the Worldwide Web, being “accomplished” wasn’t synonymous with mass recognition of one’s efforts.

A person was accomplished if they excelled at their chosen career. A person was accomplished if they could afford to live comfortably. A person was accomplished if they had a stable circle of friends and family.

Today the concept of accomplishment is murky, diluted, sordid, and terrible … all thanks to the Internet.

All feelings of accomplishment can be snuffed out by turning on a smartphone. Have you finally gotten a steady job at age 27?

Cool, while you were doing that herculean feat, a 13-year-old climbed Mount Everest and Lena Dunham signed a multimillion dollar book deal - but hey, enjoy your shitty accounting job!

Are you raising a healthy baby? Great, maybe Kim Kardashian will let your kid shine her kid’s shoes one day.

The issue is that in 2013, we are aware of everything. How can someone feel accomplished when they know so many have done/are currently doing better?

Thus, people are lead into the belief that if they aren’t famous/rich/an athlete/an acclaimed artist/a socialite/any other desirable thing, then what they’ve done in life is all for naught.

Look at any Internet article about a prominent figure, the first commenter who disses that figure will be met with responses like “Well they’re a [insert what figure is famous for] and you’re not, loser!”

Because this attitude of “If you aren’t famous or rich, you’re nothing as a human being,” has become gospel truth, people try any and all possibilities to seek fame, lest they become failures by the world’s standards. And what’s the easiest kind of fame to get? Internet fame.

Internet fame is evanescent and ill-defined, even at the best of times. Unfortunately, this doesn’t stop people from rapaciously trying to pursue it.

This disgusting practice can best be seen on Facebook. People try to whore out their kid(s) or some other family member for worthless Facebook likes - one million likes and I take my kid on a vacation, one million likes and my husband will stop smoking!

Maybe that mother should take her kids on vacation regardless whether a million people “like” it. Maybe that husband would live a healthier, longer life if he stopped smoking, even if the “like” button wasn’t clicked by one million strangers.

But then those things - taking the kids on vacation and quitting smoking - wouldn’t be true accomplishments because these people wouldn’t become “internet famous” for fifteen minutes.

The Internet created this behavior. In decades past, parents just took their kids on vacation. In decades past, people quit smoking without fanfare.

Now, anything that might get likes has to be a pathetic, needy, production - a publicity stunt for 15 minutes seconds of the most inane, forgettable “fame” in human existence.

Behavior like this isn’t exclusive to Facebook.

Twitter users beg celebrities for retweets and cry out in nigh-orgasmic bliss when they get one. The brief instant of exposure to e-fame in the form of a PR intern mindlessly clicking a button is worth more than a firstborn child to some.

Reddit has its karma whores who will do anything for an up vote. YouTube has the odious re-uploader who downloads popular videos and uploads them under their own account to steal some thumbs ups.

We’ve forgotten that all of these things are ultimately just code in the backend of a website. We’ve forgotten that we can be happy without e-reputation.

We’ve sold our collective souls to the “Like” button, and we’ll never get them back.
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