Sunday, May 5, 2013

Your Most Comfortable Comfort Zone

The Comfort Zone
The Comfort Zone (Tuktoyaktuk)
by Jane Hand

Have you ever wanted to make a change in your life and had the thought on a number of occasions but it still hasn't happened?

Have you ever wanted to completely de-clutter your home; revamp your kitchen; change your career or change the style or colour of your hair but found that 10 years later, it's still the same?

Have you ever sat in front of the hairdresser and when asked what you want to have done today you say "same as always please" when you know that what you really want is a complete new look.

So why do we keep things the same?

Forgetting to stop off at the kitchen showroom on your way home from work; forgetting to pick up those bin bags at the supermarket to organise your home; delaying that meeting which could potentially change the direction of your career and avoiding making the time to research great new hairstyles, are all ways of keeping ourselves in our comfort zones without realising it.

We like our comfort zone, it feels familiar and safe. Change means effort as it's new and takes up more of our energy. It's surprising how it makes us feel. Even a change such as changing the style or colour of your hair.

We are used to having the same look for years and moving away from what we are familiar with and moving towards something new, is scary.

If we find ourselves fearing change, then is it a positive thing? Is it not easier to stay with what you know?

It can be daunting looking through endless colour charts and carpet samples whilst matching the soft furnishing including pictures, lampshades and door furniture that will all be necessary to complete the new look.

The thought of trawling the Internet or trekking around the shops allows us to come up with excuses of why we don't really need to bother. So you leave things as they are for another week, another month which soon slips into another year.

But if something inside of you wants to make a change and that feeling is a stronger feeling than the other side of you that is attempting to hold you back, then you have a choice.

Whether it's a small change like changing the colour scheme of your bathroom or larger changes like changing your image or your hairstyle or even larger changes like changing your entire outlook on life.

You have a choice whether you leave things as they are or make the necessary steps to change.

But think about this, everyday when you wake up and your work is exciting and something you love to do through making that positive change in your career; every time you walk past a shop window and see a glimpse of yourself with your new sexy haircut; every time to return home from work to a well ordered home with the kitchen of your dreams ... then you'll be glad you were brave enough to make the change happen.

What's holding you back now? What excuses are you making? What are you afraid of?

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