Friday, May 31, 2013

Why Your Mind is The Source of Your Wealth

by David MacGregor, Sovereign Life blog:

I clearly remember the eureka moment, when I realised I had within me the power to create money out of ‘thin air’.

It was after I had launched my very first successful business, which followed a previous “lifetime” of being a professional drummer.

At that moment in time I discovered I no longer needed a job. I no longer needed a boss. I no longer needed someone else to hire and pay me. I can tell you, that was a most powerful awareness, one I have never forgotten.

The “high” it created was amazing and I was surprised I’d never discovered it earlier. But there it was, staring me in the face, the fact I had created a substantial monthly income from within my own mind and acting via my own will.

At that moment I understood what all wealth-creators know - that money is not a finite resource, with only so much to go around, but that there’s an unlimited supply just waiting to be tapped, if you know how.

The mind-trap of the average employee is in believing money is created by others - and that if you’re lucky, they may do you the favour of offering you a job.

All that changed when I discovered the secret - that the amount of money available is unlimited and that wealth is a product of the mind.

And all you have to do to create it, is apply your mind to the provision of products or services which other people will value sufficiently enough to pay you handsomely for.

What makes living right now so exciting is the technological breakthrough that has made it possible for anyone, anywhere, to tap into this unlimited money pie - the internet.

If you lived in a small village a hundred years ago, the opportunities for making money would be strictly limited. Perhaps you could become a baker, a greengrocer, or choose a profession like teacher, doctor or lawyer.

Whatever you chose to do would be constrained by the hard fact that your village only consisted of so many people - the people you would need to become your customers.

Obviously, sticking to tried and true goods and services would be best - food, clothing, medicines etc. If you were an artist or musician you would likely have to keep your talent to yourself, as a hobby.

If you were an inventor you would likely find it very difficult to find anyone willing to try your new contraption. In fact, if you had aspirations anywhere out of the ordinary, you could probably kiss your dreams goodbye and simply get on with the job of “making a living”.

Fast-forward to the internet age, and you are staring a full-blown revolution in the face, where you can now realistically create for yourself the life you want, doing what you love. No longer is it necessary to go to university and get a degree, in order to get a good job.

New vistas have opened up to anyone who can see the potential. Just consider how some of today’s entrepreneurial giants were college dropouts - people like Steve Jobs and Richard Branson.

These innovators followed their passion and let their imagination set the course of their lives. The internet has levelled the playing field. It has enabled almost anyone, anywhere, to dream up a new life for themselves, and turn it into reality.

It’s not formal education that prepares you for this new reality, but your awareness that the creative capacity of your own mind has the power to invent and make real whatever life you desire.

But to turn on this creative switch you have to believe you can.

About The Author

David MacGregor I've been making a full time living online since 1998, when my eyes were first opened to the possibilities offered by the emerging internet.

I was really excited by what I saw and decided there and then that I would create for myself a new life and lifestyle as an "international citizen" and build a portable business that would enable me to live as and where I chose.

My dream became real in 2000, when I packed my bags, headed for a new country and began the adventure of my life. And the adventure continues ...

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