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Why You Are What You Think About and the Consequences

Man thinking on a train journey.
Man thinking on a train (Wikipedia)
by W Timothy Johnson

How many people do you know that are happy, healthy, wealthy and living the "good life" that constantly worry about things?

Little things? Dumb things? Unimportant things?

Not many.

And it's not just because they are living the "good life" either.

If your thoughts are always dominated by negatives, problems and conflicts, you will ALWAYS have negatives, problems and conflicts.


Well how can you possibly achieve greater and better things in life if all you ever think about are the bad things that have happened or are happening to you?

Where do you find the time to learn from mistakes? Or how to avoid similar problems in the future? Where do you find the time to plan the future, much less act on it?

The human mind is an incredible thing. It can deliver to you the things you focus on. If you focus on getting out of debt, a better job, you will most likely do it.

What most forget is that worry means the same as focus in this context. Worrying is focusing on your problems in a negative way.

While it is good to be concerned about potential road blocks and problems, we absolutely cannot spend all our time on them or over analyze what might happen if we encounter them.

We WILL encounter them, but constant fixating on them will do nothing to overcome the road blocks in life. NOTHING.

When you worry, you take away that part of you that is working in the background. That is the part that "sees" the opportunities and possibilities in life.

Worry, conflict and negative emotions are like putting blinders or sunglasses on. Instead, focus on possible solutions and watch what happens.

Let's think about an addict. What does an addict think about all the time? His addiction of course.

An addict's purpose in life is the next fix and only the next fix. You can be addicted to anything in life. Bad things and good. No addiction is good though. Food is good and necessary. An addiction to it leads to obesity, disease and an early death just the same as an addiction to cocaine can.

We need to put good and varied things into our mind. We need to think about the future in a positive way, the possibilities and probabilities. We need to think about the impact we can have on others for their good.

We need to think about the good we can do for our family, our friends and our communities. We need to think about WHY we want to be successful at what we do and why we want to achieve certain things.

Focusing on and thinking about selfish things, makes you a selfish person.

Focusing on and thinking about helping others, makes you not just a helping person, but someone others respect, admire and emulate. Focusing on this causes us to find ways to be better at everything we do.

Think about how you can help others in your family, job, business, church and community. And then do it.

What does that make you now?

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