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The Art of Letting Go

Cover of "Moving House"
Cover of Moving House
by Linda Binns

There's nothing like moving house to force you into looking very closely at your possessions to determine whether or not you really need to keep them.

When you move to a smaller space it's an even bigger invitation to become very clear about what you want to take with you.

But you don't have to wait for a move to look more deeply at the things you are surrounding yourself with and release what no longer serves you.

Letting go of your stuff can be difficult. You have a lot of energy and emotion tied up in your things. Yet that is the very reason why it's so important to take a really close look at the things you have, what they really mean to you and why you are keeping them.

If you look really closely and are really honest with yourself, you will find that you have things that you are keeping because:

- You're afraid to let them go 'just in case' you might need them again some day
- You spent a lot of money on something
- You have a lot of time and energy tied up in something
- Someone gave it to you and you'd feel guilty if you let it go
- It used to be important to you, although it no longer represents who you are and what you do now

These can be anything from books or magazines that you 'might' want to refer to, to course and program materials that you've invested a lot of time, energy and money in.

It could be family gifts or something that's been in the family for a long time that you don't really like, want or use, but you'd feel guilty if you got rid of it.

It could be something that you used to do - perhaps a hobby that you used to enjoy or an aspect of your business or career that no longer applies, or it's simply an item of furniture or another object that was just very expensive to buy.

When you tell yourself any of the above reasons for keeping something, it can seem justified. You buy into the story that you can't possible let it go because ... but if you're really honest with yourself you would see that this isn't the case at all and that none of these are truly valid reasons for keeping something.

It might help you to see it from the perspective of energy, because when you look at each of these reasons the energy you will see behind them is fear. You're afraid to let these things go and so you allow your emotions to be tied up in them.

What it really means is that keeping these things when you don't really need, use, want or love them, will keep you stuck. The more you hold onto these things, the more you will push away other opportunities.

Because by holding on to them you are creating distraction and you are holding on to the past, to what used to be, or even to what might be, you are not embracing the present and the future.

I have worked with people and the energy of their homes for 16 years and I have seen first-hand the impact of holding onto things that you don't really need. This has been particularly brought home to me as I prepare to move again to a smaller space.

I have worked with people who moved from a large house into a 'temporary' apartment, where they planned to stay only for a year or so until they were able to buy their own home. 5 or 10 years later, they are still there, surrounded by all their stuff - much of it still in boxes.

Why has it taken so long? Why are they still stuck in their 'temporary' home? They stay there because they are holding on to so much stuff.

I know that by moving to a smaller home we're being invited to let go of any and all distractions, both in terms of 'stuff' and in terms of people and situations that are no longer a good fit in our lives.

If we try to take everything with us and not let go of as much as we can then we will be keeping ourselves stuck.

I won't say it's easy because it isn't. I've already let go of a lot, since we only moved just over a year ago. At first I resisted letting go of more because I believed that there was nothing left for me to release. But if I'm honest I know that's not true. So I'm embracing the challenge.

I know the power of letting go and therefore I'm willing to embrace it. There is an art to it and the art is being honest with yourself, which isn't always easy.

Linda Binns is an energy expert. She specializes in helping sensitive and highly sensitive people understand and manage themselves and their energy so they can be more successful and fulfilled both personally and professionally.

Linda Binns is the author of 7 books on energy, including her popular Energy Tips Series which demonstrates how to easily improve your health, increase your income, sell your house and create a supportive home environment by changing your energy.

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