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The Arrogance of Self-Pity

No Reason to Complain
No Reason to Complain (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
by Richard W Brennan

We all know someone who complains, has self-pity, and the woe is me attitude. It's not a pretty attribute at all. They complain about their circumstances, life, weight, finances, family, work, job, etc.???

Self-pity is soul destroying. It's a cancer to the soul. Those who complain about their circumstances deserve their lot, for how can they be given more responsibility if they can't be responsible for what they currently have?

How can you expect to gain a better life when you can't find the blessings in the life you currently have? Until you can find the gold and silver lining of you current life, you will never be given more.

If you currently live in a dirty house, drive a less than stellar car, work a job you have no passion for, eat foods you can only afford with coupons, and associate with others who feel the same, then STOP and RECOGNIZE your complaining ways.

You cannot handle more than you currently have if you can't manage the life you currently live. Does that make sense? You complain about your current situation, yet you believe you deserve a better life.

You complain about your car, yet believe you deserve a Mercedes.
You complain about where you live, yet you think you deserve to live in a gated community.
You complain about your hard work, yet believe you should be treated like a king.
You complain about your paycheck, yet believe you should be a millionaire.
You complain about your clothes, yet believe you should be dressed like a queen.

Stop and LOOK.

If you can't afford more expensive clothes, then wear the clothes you have as if you were the proudest most distinguished royalty around.

If you can't yet afford a better car, then wash your car with a gentle touch, change the oil with pride, air the tires with consistency, and wax the car for it to shine.

If you can't yet afford to buy all organic and the prime cuts of meat, then cook your food with the utmost care of the greatest chef in the world and eat your food with elegance and savoring.

If you can't afford the nicest and most expensive rugs, then clean your carpets with care and bless them with kind words of genuine love so your guests will always feel the welcomed warmth.

I remember going over to my Great Grandmas when I was a boy. It was an old house, creaky floors, and moth ball smells. Yet, I always enjoyed my visits because she blessed her house with a smile, and the sunshine of love.

I always felt welcome and comfortable and to this day, I regret not spending more time there.

Her house was meticulously cleaned with the utmost care. She always offered a snack and drink and always, and I mean always, she smiled. She was so happy we were there to visit.

Each time we'd pull out of the driveway she'd stand on her porch and wave until we couldn't see her anymore.

It was her winning attitude that transformed her, less than stellar, surroundings in to a beautiful and welcoming environment.

So, stand up, take control, and transform your life by blessing the circumstances, in which you've created. Then, the doors of opportunity will open often and open wide.

Rich Brennan is a wellness practitioner who emphasizes optimal living both mentally and physically. For more information please visit his fan page at

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