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Success on Your Terms

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by Neal Burgis, Ph.D.

What pushes you to have the energy to drive for what you want and to have the vision to do what you do?

Is it because you prefer to do things on your own without others telling you what to do or how to do things?

"Success is about understanding what drives you and tapping into your inner strengths" - U.S. Congressman Rush Holt

Success is a personal issue for each of us. It exists so that each of us can achieve that specific goal(s) we want when and how we want to complete them.

Tom Hopkins, an American motivator, stated that "success is the continuous journey towards the achievement of predetermined worthwhile goals."

According to Stanford University, Harvard University, and the Carnegie Institute of Technology, "Eighty-five percent of success depends on your people skills." How well you use these skills is what makes you successful in your relationship with others.

Beyond this, these skills can serve you well to the extent of helping you get promoted to the specific position you want and helps you become a great leader.

Since I consult with those who are introverts and executives, I want each of them to ask themselves what success means to them. This is the slant I want my clients to go after, someone else's meaning for what they should do.

Ask yourself this very same question: "What does success mean for me?" Answer in your own words of what you want, not someone else's version of what you should or need to do.

Set your goals for your success and achieve them your way. Breakdown the steps into bite size pieces whether you do so every day, every week, every month, or even every quarter (3 months).

Whatever you set up for yourself, do yourself a big favor and add a challenge in it for you to: (1) use your strengths, and not overuse them, and: (2) add your emotional connection. Both of these together will help you stay on track and accomplish your goal(s), instead of giving up.

When you know what you will get out of it when you accomplish what you want it help you become the success you want to be. As much as possible, the action steps you take can go beyond your expectations.

This makes your success better since you know how far you can stretch beyond your limitations, and accomplish your goal(s) on your own terms.

The above is just a guide to help you start to move forward in accomplishing your success in goal-setting whether you are completing something on a personal basis, or completing a work task/project.

Good luck in being a Success on Your Own Terms.

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