Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Stop Whining and Get Up

Stop Whining! (Codilicious)
by Uli Aschenbrenner, 21st Century News: http://www.21stcenturynews.com.au/stop-whining-and-get-up

I’m not the first to admit it - I’ve failed.

I’ve failed at relationships, I’ve failed at my career, I’ve failed at business, I’ve failed with my finances and I’ve failed with my health.

I’ve failed so many times that I’ve succeeded.

Nothing in this world that’s worth having is easy in the beginning. There’s no quick fix, no easy way out and no magic bullet.

I’ll be honest with you - it’s hard. It’s hard to make yourself vulnerable, it’s hard it get out of your comfort zone, it’s hard to risk your money on an idea, it’s hard to be frugal and it’s hard to get off your ass and go to the gym. But bloody hell is it worth it.

Feeling incredibly loved, and loving someone, looking back at your success, doing what you’re passionate about, feeling alive like you have never been before and feeling proud to live your purpose and make a contribution is the reward for the hard work you put in.

Failure doesn’t make you weaker, failure makes you stronger. Failure gives you strength knowing that despite everything else - you gave it a shot. You gave it a shot and you’re still standing. You’re still alive, and you’re still moving closer to your goal.

You’re learning and you’re progressing. You’re doing something despite the fear, and that my friend, is courage. Have something worth fighting for and you’ll overcome all obstacles.

Do something that inspires you and you’ll want to get up in the morning. Get up when you’ve been knocked down despite your fears, and instead of your fears owning you, you’ll own your fears. 

Uli Aschenbrenner is the director of Contrast Technologies, A Digital Agency based in Melbourne. He has consulted a range of small, medium and large companies (including MNC’s) such as 21st Century Education, TOLL, Sportsmans Wharehouse, Collette Dinnigan, Cardiotech and many more. He is a Google Certified Professional and an expert in his field.

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