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Stop Suffering From Phobias

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by Ann Star

Most everyone suffers from a fear or phobia or a combination of the two.

However, a phobia or fear doesn't have to dominate or control your life because there are some simple steps you can take to get that fear or phobia out of your life!

What are Fears and Phobias?

First, let's define a phobia or a fear.

For phobia, it is an irrational fear that takes over and controls your life in some way.

If a fear or phobia is irrational, it is manipulating how you react to a certain thing or substance.

For instance, if you are afraid or have an irrational fear of the dark, there is usually a reason what that particular fear is controlling you such as being afraid of the dark as a child and not expressing it to anyone in your family.

You become fearful of the dark because you hear something at night and it scares you and you don't tell anyone. So, if this irrational fear continues, this fear begins to grow and pretty soon it is out of control.

The same would apply to some kind of fear. A fear, like a phobia, is irrational and begins during a situation that frightens you and maybe you don't tell anyone and it continues to grow.

Acknowledge That You Have a Fear or Phobia

So, the best way to overcome a fear or phobia is to first acknowledge that you indeed are suffering from a fear. Then, think back to when it happened and why it happened. The next step is to face your fear.

Keep in mind, that sometimes feeling fear is natural and needed to protect you from harm but if it is hindering your progress in life then it is important to face that fear and face it down!

Think Positive!

Then, begin thinking of positive outcomes and then practicing some small, positive acts of how to make the situation better. Remember, most fears are based on the unknown; so when you expose the unknown into the light, the fear will often dissipate.

Begin writing down what you are truly fearful of and then begin doing something that will help reduce the fear such as if you have been afraid of the dark for many years, do something in your bedroom that will make you less afraid such as putting in several night lights or a calming and reassuring picture or reading a helpful and informative book before you go to bed or drinking a calming beverage.

Always remember, that when a fear is exposed into the light for what it is and where it came from, you will be empowered to overcome such as fear.

You can do it!

To conclude, everyone suffers from some kind of fear and phobia but you can overcome a fear and phobia by having a strong desire to "oust" it out of your life and by following a few easy steps - as shown above. You can do it and you will be successful!

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