Friday, May 3, 2013

Secrets To Success: An Enemy Called Normal

by Greg Hershey

People are born in this world and then, they die. It is the cycle of life. The problem that usually arises though is that between being born and dying, very few people usually really live. The question that you should ask yourself is: are you really living?

Most of the people in life rarely live as they were intended to mainly because of the "pressures" of life. This is so especially when it comes to the "pressure" of being "normal" and "ordinary".

So many people succumb to this pressure in the world today to such an extent that it is virtually impossible to find people who are really happy.

This is so because by succumbing to these pressures, people usually suppress their individuality and as a result, usually deny themselves a shot at really being alive.

Therefore, in an attempt to conform to the standards of the world, most people usually lose the most important key to success, which is simply to let the songs of their souls be heard.

There is no doubt that deep inside, everyone usually knows what life they wish they could live. It is something that everyone who comes to the world knows. Nature intended for us to be different so that we can complement each other and in the process make this world beautiful.

The problem is that most people are usually determined to fit in to such an extent that they not only rob the world of its beauty, but they also end up robbing themselves their shot at true happiness and success.

Trying to fit in and to be "normal" in the world today is the source of most of the misery that we see. Not realizing that the key to success is simply to embrace our inner selves is the reason so many people are still searching for "secrets to success". The key to success is so easy to find that most people usually overlook it.

Most people tend to imagine that there must always be something other than simply becoming themselves.

To be really happy and successful in life, you must learn to avoid the temptation to try to do things the way everybody else does them. You have to try to think for yourself. You have to tap deep into your soul and learn to assert not only your individuality, but also your freedom of thought. That is the only way that you can truly live. It is the only key to success that you need if you want to live a fulfilling life.

The author of Shit On Mediocrity, Become Extraordinary and Ravings Of A Madman Poems, Greg Hershey is an accomplished writer, author and personal coach.

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