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Overcoming Self-Doubt to Pursue Your Dreams: 11 Sure-Fire Techniques

Dreams and All That Stuff
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by Cher N Gunderson

Moving Through Doubt

Our doubts in our abilities tend to show up most when we are in career transitions such as starting a new job, changing careers, or starting a business about which we are passionate.

It's important to acknowledge these doubts. However, necessary to move through the doubts in order to be successful.

 In this article, you'll learn 11 steps to raise your confidence levels to pursue your dreams.

Freeing Negative Thoughts

Doubts are rooted in negative thoughts that often are so automatic in our minds, that we don't notice them.

In Master Your Accent's article, "How to Empower your Presentations with Balanced Thoughts," we outlined 4 steps to freeing yourself from negative thoughts.

The power of this is that it removes obstacles to reaching your full capacity. To be successful in dealing with doubt, you're at your best when you believe in yourself.

Achieving Balanced Thoughts: 4-Step Review
  1. Identify the automatic thought
  2. Examine the evidence that supports the automatic thought
  3. Examine the evidence that does not support the automatic thought
  4. Create a balanced thought
Believing in yourself: 11 Techniques to Creating Lasting Change

Believing in yourself is essential if you intend to be able to share your talents with the world. To shift from your old patterns of disbelief takes regular practice. Here are 11 techniques to create lasting change.

  1. Apply the 4 steps to creating balanced thoughts on a regular basis
  2. Set aside time each day to focus on your thoughts (five minutes might be a good starting point in the beginning)
  3. A few times a week, jot down a note (or quick voice recording) from yourself to yourself on how good it feels to be making the changes you want for yourself
  4. Put a voice to your changes by talking to trusted friends about how good it feels to be doing your personal growth work
  5. Write or record affirmations to yourself. Listening to supportive music, or if you are recording, recording the affirmations with the music in the background may deepen the effect
  6. Listen to commercial affirmations with which you resonate
  7. Listen to uplifting music that feeds your soul
  8. Visualize yourself successfully changing and succeeding
  9. Write or record a dialogue or scenario that fits exactly what you want for yourself in a specific situation. Include your senses. Describe where you are, what you see, what you feel, and smell
  10. Pay attention to your breathing. Give yourself permission to feel relaxed in your body
  11. Act as if. Another way to say this is fake it til' you make it. Even when you don't feel confident or believe in yourself, act as if you are confident and that you believe in yourself


Changing careers or pursuing your dreams by starting your own business often raises doubt in our abilities. It's essential to move through the doubt if you intend to be successful.

The first step is learning the four steps to achieving balanced thoughts. The next step is implementing the steps on a consistent basis. To do this, acknowledge your own efforts and successes by following the 10 additional techniques to creating lasting change about your belief in yourself.

It is very possible to raise your confidence levels about yourself so you can create lasting positive change and pursue your dreams. I believe that you can believe in you.

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