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Is It Time To Ask Yourself, "How Do I Find My Passion"?

Passion for Life
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by Peter Hobler

Have you ever said to yourself, "I would like to Find My Passion?"

It took me a long time to find my passion, something that filled me with inspiration that I could pursue in the form of a career.

When my daughter Alie was born, she lit a fiery passion in my heart. She is without a doubt, the most important part of my life. I love her beyond measure.

Yet, there was no way to have a career focused on my daughter. Though she passionately inspires me, I knew I had to get to work on myself so I could discover my passion, the passion I could turn into a career.

When I was younger, soccer, baseball and tennis were my passions. Later in life skiing, travel, writing and reading came into play.

A major epiphany for me was that in college, I subconsciously let my fears steal my passion for baseball and soccer. I had made the varsity teams for both sports, though was too "shy" to talk to the coach and ended up walking away. I vowed to never again let fear steal my passion, of any sort.

After working on myself for several years and focusing on my strengths, I realized last summer I had another passion.

Helping and inspiring individuals to figure out what has been holding them back and how to prepare themselves in order to break free and move forward was something I seemed to do without really thinking about it ... yet I had never gotten paid for spending my valuable time doing it.

Sometimes we need outside help ourselves in order to figure out things that already exist within us. I had focused for several years on trying to figure out how to find my passion.

However, I had been focused on irrelevant targets. For a long time I thought I needed to find a specific business to get me to where I wanted, needed to be.

Then a revelation hit me square between the eyes. Bam! I realized I had observed that the most integrity based and successful individuals, consistently worked on themselves.

As I started to connect with some of these individuals, I realized the key element missing for me was Mindset. Immediately I knew first real step to "success" for me was to develop and hone my Mindset.

Developing my own self-empowering Mindset meant figuring out how to find my passion, knowing the origin of my inspiration, developing awareness for what had been holding me back and learning how to prepare myself, how to become the person I needed to be in order to live the life I really wanted to live.

I am inspired by my own self-work focused on having no room or need for fear in my life, by my daughter and by the inspiration I still receive from my brother Chris. Chris died at the age of 39, in 2005, from ALS, Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis, more commonly known as Lou Gehrig's Disease.

Chris was a musician, about to turn the corner in his career when ALS stole his voice and over the next 4 years, also began stealing his physical ability to move.

He found a new Origin of Inspiration and a Higher Purpose. Subsequently, his achievements after his diagnosis still impact the world of neurological disorders 8 years after he died (for more details on the aspects of his story, visit

While hanging a portrait of my brother and best friend in my office, I found myself gazing into his eyes and I started to think about his accomplishments. I thought about the incredible example he set after his dream and passion for music was suddenly stolen by ALS.

I walked to the closest mirror while wondering how I would find my passion, looked myself in the eyes and asked myself what turned out to be a life-changing question; "What the hell is my excuse? I can speak and I can move!"

So, what the hell is your excuse?

There are insightful ways you can begin to hone in on your PASSION and the Origin of Your Inspiration.

There is a great series of initial exercises to begin the self-work to get closer to your answer. Yes, you must be committed to do the work or you will NOT get the results necessary to answer, "How do I find my passion?"

If you're already wondering whether the exercises will work, the answer is a resounding "YES! I have personally done the work and it led me to find my passion, my WHY (this indeed required patience as I certainly did not discover my passion right away).

My WHY is to Inspire Purpose, Passion, COURAGE and Gratitude to Turn Potential Into Reality."

The following exercises come from a combination of sources, including Tony Robbins, JT DeBolt and Rene Kamstra.

Are you ready? Great, get out a pen and paper. Start thinking and get ready to write. This is the first action step to "find my passion".

1. Write a list of what excites you. This includes things you've done, experiences, desire or maybe simply think you want to experience (remember, you don't know what you don't know. This means there are likely a lot of things you don't know about at this point that could excite you tremendously).

By the way, this is NOT about money. If you think it is, think about why the "money" excites you, what you can do with it ... that's what is really excites you.

2. What, or maybe who, fills you with passion? What inspires you, drives you to take action. This could be a cause, an example someone has set, a dream ...

3. Write down an inexhaustive list of the things you do NOT want in your life. This includes the type of person you do NOT want to be.

4. On a new sheet of paper, for each item in # 3, write down the opposite, exactly what it is you DO want.

5. For each item in # 4, write down in detail the type of person you need to be to have/get this in your life.

Whether or not you realize it, you are now actually making progress and you've got a great start on your transformational journey to Discover Your PASSION and you'll be much closer to knowing the answer to, "How do I Find My Passion?"

The 7 Principles of COURAGE will move you past your fears and help you Discover Your Passion and develop a self-empowering mindset for success. You have to take the first action step, or nothing will change.

Commit to Invest In Yourself To Discover Your Passion and take the first Action step TODAY. Peter's WHY is "To Inspire Purpose, Passion, COURAGE and Gratitude To Turn Potential Into Reality.

Peter is a Transformational Author, Inspirational Keynote Speaker and Personal Development Coach/Success Coach. He happens to have a top 10 MBA.

His passions are his daughter Alie, family, friends, travel, reading, writing, skiing, tennis, fitness, nutrition, working on himself and inspiring others to realize their incredible potential so they can live life to the fullest.

If you are serious and committed about changing your life, check out Peter's book "Courage To Find The FIRE Within: Invest In Yourself To Discover Your Passion", available at: (all copies signed by the author) or at Amazon in paperback or Kindle.

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