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Idea Development, Follow the Dream

Follow That Dream
Follow That Dream (Wikipedia)
by Pieter W Heydenrych

So you have taken the time to do your "skills list" and your "love to do" list.

You have organized them from the highest to the lowest on your list, and discovered that they do not match your dream.

In fact your dream does not even seem to feature on this list at all.

Of course your first instinct is to get frustrated, but instead of viewing this as an issue, rather view it as an opportunity to get a clearer understanding of what makes you tick.

Also if you decide to follow your dream anyway, this is an opportunity to expand your experience and knowledge.

Admittedly if your dream is not featured on your "love to do" list somewhere at least in some form or another, it would certainly seem to me that you should probably reconsider putting it on, or perhaps your dream is not all you dreamed about.

In either case, the upside of dealing with this as a part of this process, is that it most definitely offers you an opportunity to figure out three things:

  • Is your dream really one you wish to pursue.
  • If it is, what it is you need to do to achieve your dream.
  • If it is not, at least get some sense of a direction that will work for you.

In either case, the most significant benefit here is that you are able to determine with reasonable certainty what your own current limitations are compared to where you think you want to be going.

This will also help you to set yourself some goals and objectives, and further plot a path for your journey, towards achieving your dream.

One other thing that my career has distinctively flaunted in my face is that money in itself, is not a worthy dream or pursuit.

In fact I have found that it is fun to dream about all the things you are able to do and afford, if you had a little money.

However you are enjoying the dreams of being able to do things with the money, and not the money itself. A subtle distinction, but certainly one worth understanding.

And since it is very easy to get caught in the pursuit for money in our daily lives, following that basic instinct, day in and day out, is most certainly a recipe for misery.

The best way to truly get the benefit of both money and happiness is to find your bliss. Find that one thing that makes you tick. Do it until you do it well, and then not surprisingly, the money will probably come ...

With that said, I am not suggesting that you will not have to make some personal sacrifices along the way. What I am saying however is that when you know where you are going, and it is really somewhere you want to be, this will not matter as much.

Last but not the least. Enjoy the journey, it most certainly is a part of the fun, challenges and all.

I wish you all the best in your ventures, and would invite you to share your stories on this forum as well.


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  1. Great Post! I love the comment about finding your bliss and balancing that with having to make personal sacrifices for a dream to come true.

  2. Hi Luke,

    Thanks for your comment. It's true! It all requires a strategic balance - so what this says to me is that following and achieving your dreams takes a lot of hard work. Again, this is why few people achieve great things.


    1. You are right about the hard work...I'm finding that out right now! But I love it. I recently read a book by Stephen Pressfield called Do The Work that really helped me press through different hindrances in my life to achieve the dreams I have.

    2. Luke,

      So tell me ... what are you aiming for at the moment? It sounds like you have a great attitude. 3 years ago, I walked out on 19 years of working in academia and started my own business and am now earning more than I was in the university as a Senior Lecturer. But, yeah, it is never easy.