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How to Get the Most Out of Life by Planning for Your Future

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by Melissa A. Golder

Many people go through life without asking what they want out of life or what they need out of life.

I look at life as going down a river that has many turns and deep spots and many falls, big and little.

Many people in life are just floating around in the river hitting the rocks and going over the falls. You need to have a plan.

With a plan you can equip yourself with the proper tools to make the journey a smooth one.

When you have the right tools you can equip yourself with a boat and some oars and a life jacket. That is way better than just floating around.

Many people never get ahead in life because the still live in the past. You have to plan for the future but stay focused on the present.

I see a lot of people always wondering how did that person buy that car or how come they live in a big house and I don't. We call people like this haters, but really they just don't have any goals.

We all want things in life and there is nothing wrong with that. I like driving a nice car. I like living in a nice home but I would prefer to live in the country.

What I am about to show you will help you plan some goals so you can get your life back on track.

Grab a paper and pen and write down 3 month goals on it at the top of the paper. Then make some categories. The categories are 1. Personal, 2. Family, 3. Health, 4. Education, 5. Business, 6. Hobbies. 7. Spiritual.

Here are some examples of 3 month goals

1. Personal - I plan to go to an open mike night in my city and get on stage
2. Family - Start and plan a family game night once a week
3. Health - Lose 5 lbs by walking daily
4. Education - Take a class at the local community college that interest me
5. Business - Create a business that I can make a $100 a month on autopilot
6. Hobbies - Star a poker club that meet every 2 weeks
7. Spiritual - Meditate for 10 mins each night before bed

Those are just some ideas to help you. Each persons list will be different. The point that I am trying to make is that a whole world exist out there. Many of us are just doing monotonousness things and our minds and bodies are on autopilot or in today terms. "Zombies".

So starting now. Go get your paper and start writing down your goals. Do this for 3 months and then monthly and then weekly and then daily. You will soon see results. Life will only give you what you ask for so ask BIG!

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