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How to Achieve Goals: The Powerful Secrets From a Life Coach

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Healthy Weight Loss (DK Healthcare)
by Simone Mancuso

When it comes to learning how to achieve goals, you might think that the process is pretty self-explanatory.

After all, you simply need to identify what you want to achieve, outline the goal, and work hard to accomplish it ... right?

Actually, the process is a lot more convoluted than that. According to a top life coach, many of us are our own worst enemies during the goal-setting process.

Whether we aim too high, too low or simply give up during the achievement process, some of our goals are setting us up to fail.

So when it comes to how to achieve goals, what are the powerful secrets to ensuring we get everything we want out of life?

They Should Be Achievable

Sure, you may want to lose a hundred pounds in the next three months; besides, that's what everyone in those weight-loss commercials experience.

But if you want to achieve goals, you need to set goals that are achievable. Your goals should make you stretch like a rubber band to the max without snapping.

Think about it this way: if you set yourself up for an impossible goal like losing fifty pounds in three months, the stakes are against you. You're bound to get frustrated as you realize you're not close to achieving your goal - and that might tempt you to binge on food for comfort or give up altogether.

But with a bit of research, you'd learn that healthy weight loss evens out at about one to two pounds per week. Therefore, a more realistic goal would be a goal that ranges from 12 to 14 pounds within three months.

When you set realistic goals for yourself, you not only make it much more likely that you'll achieve them; they'll actually empower you as you get closer towards your ultimate goal. The more empowered you feel, the more motivated you'll be to keep going until you reach it.

It's that simple!

Get a Life Coach On Your Side

When you attempt to reach a goal by yourself, it's easy to excuse negative behaviors and habits that make it harder to learn how to achieve goals.

For example, let's say you told yourself that you'd wake up at six in the morning to go to the gym. Fast-forward to the morning hours, and you're too snug in your bed to get up.

"That's fine," you tell yourself. "I'll just go to the gym tomorrow."

See how quickly these "innocent" excuses can make it that much harder for you to reach your goals? That's where a life coach comes into play. A life coach is a mentor who will help you every step of the way towards your ultimate goal - without being a crutch.

A life coach will empower you, enable you, and guide you towards whatever you want from life. Best of all, a life coach will do it on your terms, so you fully realize your own potential.

Now that you know how to achieve goals, there's only one question remaining: what are you waiting for?

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