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Holding Back the Flood of Fear

One Fear illustration from Book of Fears
One Fear from Book of Fears (Wikipedia)
by Carolyn Field

Are you living in fear? If you are then you are not alone.

Fear is prevalent in our society, from the news on our televisions to the food we eat, the water we drink, the melting ice caps global warming not to mention the fear that exists within our own experiences.

Fear of being alone, of losing our jobs, of not being accepted ... the list seems endless and what it all means is fundamentally that we doubt our ability to overcome adversity, to deal with every day issues, to succeed or to be happy no matter what.

Even the fear of the possibility of adversity is often enough to prevent us from fully enjoying life.

So let me remind you and reassure you that you are a survivor. And not just a survivor but a 'thriver'.

You have survived and thrived through many difficult moments and circumstances and it is this vital human experience of overcoming that is one of your greatest strengths. So take courage. Remember how to smile in the face of fear and carry on your way.

To smile in the face of fear:

Be courageous for another, to experience courage in yourself

It is surprising how courageous we become when a loved one or someone we know needs our strength. Many of the greatest experiences of courage arise out of a selfless act.

Be it to experience and express it

No amount of thinking about taking a courageous step can replace the act of actually doing something. So make it your mission to continue to be your best self in every fearful situation.

Speak it - As many small crumbs make a loaf of bread

If you find it particularly difficult to speak without feeling fearful, begin with small offerings. Drop snippets of your truth into your conversations and build up your courage in this way. Everybody's truth is personal to them and you are entitled to speak yours.

See the bigger picture - individual acts of courage can change worlds

One small act of courage can change the world. Not just your own world but the world around you. You can Be the inspiration.

Align yourself with a courageous cause

Fear crumbles when it is faced head on. One way to align yourself with courage and fend off fear is to do something positive about a fearful situation. Joining a cause you believe in is uplifting.

Be courageous enough to fail

One of the most potent fears is the fear of failing. This may be a good time to remind yourself that there is no failure only new opportunity and this is always true. Perhaps this is the time to replace the word 'fail' with the phrase 'try something new' so 'be courageous enough to try something new' today.

The courageous march to their own drum beat

When you try something new, follow your own inner compass and listen to your own inner promptings and in this way your fears may be accompanied and even replaced by a sense of exhilaration.

Courage and persistence go hand in hand

Just as all new pathways through uncharted country need to be flattened first, so courage needs persistence to embed it firmly within the psyche.

Selfishness is brought about by fear and fear can create selfishness as you protect yourself from perceived danger. Fear creates ever decreasing circles.

Courage on the other hand is experienced by being fearless and also created by being fearless. It is an expanding circle allowing you to freely experience and express every facet of who you are.

Courageously stepping into the unknown is less fearsome than remaining as you are.

Carolyn Field qualified as a Life coach in 2004, she is also a teacher and author

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