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Five Life Lessons I Learned From a Dog

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by Joan Harrison

I take care of my friend's dog Buddy whenever she finds it difficult to get herself a dog sitter.

Buddy came into our lives just over two year's ago with a bounce, a bark and a wag of his tail.

That was it, he had arrived and has remained pretty much part of our extended family since.

Humans played their part in the introduction by endeavoring to make Buddy behave, trying to calm his excitement, make him sit and of course be quiet.

None of it worked, Buddy was just, well ... Buddy.

My husband helps people to train dogs, in effect he trains people to understand their dogs, however with Buddy he had met his match. This dog has boundless energy, I mean truly boundless.

The only way we have found to calm him is to take him on a long walk and exhaust him until he crawls home, then maybe we will see some submission.

I don't particularly want to see submission, Buddy to me is perfect. The more I have come to understand his personality, the more he has come to love me deeply and unconditionally.

Here are five important lessons I have learned from my time with Buddy:

  1. Be True To Who You Are. Never pretend to be someone you are not, if you feel excited, then show it, if you feel angry then show it. It is o.k. to show how you feel, if you are true to yourself then people will see that and will love you for those qualities.

  2. Love Unconditionally. If you like someone and they are kind to you then show them your love. Once you have built a relationship and both of you understand where you are in the relationship then send the other person your love with no conditions attached. Sometimes human beings give love only to receive something in return. Dogs do not have this trait, if you are kind to a dog then they love you, that is it.

  3. Respect Boundaries. Once you have taught a dog what is acceptable and what is not they get the message, they know where they stand and they understand the repercussions if they step outside of the boundaries, you must have seen the look in the eyes of a dog when they try to sneak that morsel of food. A firm word and they are back on track. That is what they like and understand, boundaries make them feel safe and loved.

  4. Play Like There Is No Tomorrow. When Buddy is taken for a walk he becomes so excited especially when there is a ball involved. He will focus on the ball from the minute he leaves the house and chase it constantly, nothing else exists when he is in tune with what brings him joy. I have learned from Buddy to be in the moment, especially when doing something I really enjoy.

  5. Do Not Over Think. A dog just is. A dog lives in the moment and enjoys every piece of his life, he does not waste time thinking about what he did yesterday or what he is going to be doing tomorrow. A dog lives simply and then simply finds happiness as a result.

I have learned from my time with Buddy that now is the only time we have, I have learned to enjoy every single precious moment of my time with him and I receive his unconditional love.

I understand that perhaps this is the only relationship in my life that gives me these wonderful liberating feelings and I give thanks to the universe for bringing Buddy to me. I must have done something very special to deserve him.

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