Friday, May 17, 2013

Change Yourself, Change the World: How We Create a New World

Change We Must
Change We Must (Wikipedia)
by , The World of More:

Sometimes when we look around the world today all we see is pain, darkness and suffering.

It certainly seems that way at times and from that point of view, it is easy to get discouraged.

We may think to ourselves - how could I possibly make a difference in the world given how things are?

Yes I understand this thinking (or feeling) but it is not actually true. For the change we make in the world needs to start inside, right here, right now with me and you.

Yes I know this is totally obvious. Who of us hasn’t heard this philosophy espoused before that if you change yourself and you change the world around you? But when times are tough does this actually feel true or possible to achieve? Sometimes not.

The key here is actually not to tune out to our own pain, hurt, suffering, despair, numbness or anything else. It is not about making big, sweeping egoistic, heroic changes that get our name on a billboard. It is about the tiny things we do each day.

Sometimes I feel pitifully inadequate to change my own life, let alone the world at large. But when I look back at each tiny step that I’ve taken, each small choice and decision that I made, what I see is one larger, more sweeping change.

Thank goodness for that!

My point here is that we need to take heart in these tough times, be easy on ourselves but continue pushing for MORE. That is the hard part because as we’ve seen ole’ Mr. Lizard Brain gets pretty darned lazy and likes to lay on the couch with the TV remote in his hand.

I understand his motives but we cannot let him rule the show or our lives will be empty and not full. At the end of our time here on earth what we shared and contributed to others and the world around us, is all that matters.

Small change starts now. What is your one step towards MORE today? The one step that will be your contribution to your self and thus to the world ...
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