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Believe the Road Beneath You

The Thinking Man sculpture at Musée Rodin in Paris
The Thinking Man (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
by Cara Lumen

You are where you are because you thought the thoughts you thought, took the actions you took, and expected the outcome that you did.

Are you happy where you are? Are there changes you want to make?

Look closely at your present surroundings. They tell you what you believe you deserve and what you believe is possible.

Where have you landed?

The past is over and done, it cannot be changed. However, when you subjectively examine the past, it can help you understand the present.

What you did in the past has created what you are experiencing today.

The past, therefore, holds clues about what to do and what not to do to create more of the same. This holds true for both the good stuff and the less-than-good stuff.

What is now present in your life that you love? What did you do to attract that to you? What is currently present in your life that you wish would go away? What could you stop doing that would allow it to leave?

You are where you are at this moment because of your choices. And your choices will take you where you want to go next.

It's not about the future - yet

Your choice in this moment is to look for what you like about your life so you can attract more of it to you. I like my apartment. I love my cats. I have good friends.

I enjoy the tree outside my window and the birdfeeders I've set up that attract an eclectic following. I love the clouds with their constantly shifting beauty and the ever-changing sunsets.

When I focus on those elements of my world, I feel content and grateful for their existence. What you focus on you attract. What are you focusing on?

What would you like to change about your current life? I'd like to be stronger and slimmer. I'd like to be more comfortable in social situations. I'd like to be more patient with people.

When I keep those goals in mind, each day bring me the opportunity to make the changes in my thinking and my attitude that will bring about the changes I desire. I learn to let go of wants and wishes and desires and take pleasure from what I have.

Each day, look at the road beneath you

Each day is a fresh opportunity. Each day holds the potential for positive change. Each day holds the prospect of changing the road beneath you.

As part of my daily inner work, I give gratitude for the gifts I have been given and the lessons I have learned. I notice how the road I am on is changing.

The day I figured out how to avoid conflict simply by understanding what was truly important to me changed my direction for all the days to come.

The few days I spent writing articles about the difference between allowing things to unfold and simply being lazy, helped me make peace with the unfolding process and brought new awareness I can teach others. It changed my direction.

Believe the road beneath you

You are meant to be exactly where you are. You asked for it with your attitudes and beliefs and actions.

However, you have a choice to shift the attitudes, beliefs and actions that got you there. It's as easy as making a slight shift of a steering wheel, a small correction in your course. That shift can happen in an instant.

Look at the road beneath you. Your thoughts and beliefs got you here. Do you like where you are right now and if not, what are you going to do about it?

Cara Lumen helps you stay passionately on purpose while you make a difference in your world. http://www.passionatelyonpurpose.com

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