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Beliefs, Success, Conscious and Unconscious Integration

English: Unconscious Motivation
Unconscious Motivation (Wikipedia)
by Todd Pierce

How much potential do we have as human beings?

  • What affects our potential?
  • With our potential we take action, yet do we always get good results?
  • What happens to our beliefs when we don't get a good result?
  • How does that affect what we believe is our potential?
  • If that decreases do you think we will take more or less action?
  • With the action we do take, do you think we will get better results?

This is essentially why the rich get richer and the poor get poorer

It all comes from what we believe is our potential, then our willingness to take action, and when we get that good result our beliefs get stronger which in turn increases our potential and so forth ...

So if our belief systems are filled with empowered beliefs then we perceive ourselves as having more potential. When we perceive ourselves as having more potential then we take greater action.

The greater the action we take the greater the result. When we get those amazing results then our beliefs become more and more empowered which furthers our perception of what we think our potential is.

This is the success cycle and it goes both ways and that means that you need to consciously begin to work with that part of you that is in general - out of consciousness - and begin to spin the cycle around so that instead of giving power to negative beliefs, start giving power to positive beliefs because that will have you tap in to your true potential which means you'll take amazing action and get fantastic results.

Because for a large portion of society; they have this cycle which is active in all areas of life, spinning in a downward spiral, leaving them with heartache, pain and a feeling of hopelessness.

Here's the thing ... it all comes down to you; nobody can make you do this

You may be a product of all the things that happened in your life but that does NOT mean that you have to be stuck because you have a choice, you've always had a choice, the problem is that we are never taught how to properly exercise this part of ourselves, the part that allows you to make massive changes in the quality of your life.

is unconscious ...

And most people have their conscious mind (their logical mind) and their unconscious mind (their emotional mind) thoroughly separate.

Now with this being the case then it is no surprise why so many people have such trouble making changes, being happy and getting the things they want, it's because they have no communication between the two.

All your memories, values, beliefs, attitudes, perceptions and emotions are stored at the unconscious level. An emotional response is an unconscious response; some people get really emotional and don't know why.

When you get connection between your conscious and unconscious mind everything becomes much easier.

Think about it like this ...

  • Where you are right now? Is it where you want to be?
  • Do you think you could have more, be more and have done more?
  • Do you have all the things you want?
  • Are you on track to getting all the things you want?

Because if you boil it down into simplicity then there are only three things to consider when it comes to you not having, being or doing the things you desire.

  1. What am I doing?
  2. What am I not doing?
  3. What could possibly be the things that have prevented/will prevent me from achieving my outcomes?

Ask yourself:

  • What am I doing to get the things I want and to be happy?
  • Am I doing things that are actually holding me back?
  • What am I not doing to get the things I desire?

Now as you consider that you may be beginning to notice that both of these things come down to unconscious processes, because if you're doing things that are holding you back (habits, behaviours) then its unconscious programming.

If you are not doing all the things you know you can, then it's likely due to limiting beliefs about yourself or others, values conflict (it simply just isn't important enough to you at the unconscious level, we only do what is important to us), or maybe it's some other unresolved stuff sitting at the unconscious level.

They key is to get alignment at the unconscious level, let go of all your unresolved stuff, through learning about how your mind works and doing processes that have you consciously working with your unconscious then you'll build a strong connection between the two and life becomes much easier.

Does that make sense?

That by letting go of all your unresolved stuff and by being able to actually work with the part of you that controls majority of things in your life including emotions, beliefs, values and so forth.

That you would be able to put your life into a cycle of success?

You just have to make that choice to live the life you want, find what's been holding you back, learn what you need to make it happen or find somebody that can help you make those changes now.

Conscious mind and unconscious mind integration.

My name's Todd Pierce from Prime-Minds Solutions and I'm a peak performance coaching and training specialist.

I work with people on a regular basis in a business and personal setting helping them to recognise limiting patterns of behaviour and help them be motivated to make the changes they want.

What would being in total control of your emotions and being motivated to make changes do for you?
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