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Your Mind Is Full of Thoughts: What Are They?

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by Susan Russo

"You must weed your mind as you would weed your garden" - Astrid Alauda.

Everyone is thinking all the time whether they realize it or not.

Most of our thoughts go unnoticed by us but make no mistake about it they are constantly looping through your mind just like the background music in the doctor's office.

Most of the time they are the same old limiting thoughts and beliefs that keep you stuck where you are. Unless you are already aware of the power of your thoughts and planting positive seeds; your thoughts can hold you in a place of being fearful or having anxiety.

They can also cause you not to live the life you were meant to. Most of the time, it's these very thoughts that are causing you to suffer.

It's like a black cloud following you around. But what you may not realize is that you can part the clouds to feel the sun shining in your life again by creating and implementing new thoughts about these old beliefs.

Many people will do a 3-day cleanse to get rid of toxins from their body. Maybe it's time to do a mind cleanse and get rid of the toxic thoughts that are polluting your mind and infecting your emotions.

First you need to find out exactly what these thoughts are by becoming more aware of them. What are the words you use when someone asks you how things are going? What is the story that you find yourself repeating to people?

When you wake up in the middle of the night what do you catch yourself thinking about?

Are your thoughts filled with worrying about your finances, upset over your kids, angry or hurt over a relationship, self-loathing about your body, concern for your health, sadness about being lonely, fearing what the future will bring or not bring?

What are the thoughts that are keeping you stuck and affecting your mood, your attitude and your outlook on life? What thoughts are you carrying around with you like a ball and chain?

Once you start to become aware of what these thoughts are you can see the insidious effect they have in your life. How can thoughts of worrying over and over about something be productive? How can thoughts of anger and bitterness create peace and happiness?

How can repetitious negative thinking make you feel good on any level? It can't!

It can only drag you further down into your emotional quagmire and make you feel more hurt, fear and anxiety. And whether you believe it or not, the more you think about what makes you feel bad the worse you're going to feel.

And, worse yet, what you think about; you bring about!

So let go of all of these negative, destructive kinds of thoughts by doing your mind cleanse. Each time you catch yourself going down "Poor Me Alley" immediately stop yourself. Simply say, "Stop it." Then release these thoughts and replace them with those that will serve you in a positive way.

Start to think about what you're grateful for instead. Stop yourself and focus on the blessings in your life. That's a good place to start because it will show you how to divert yourself from thinking of the things that upset you.

By doing this you will also start to train yourself to be in control of your thinking instead of allowing your thinking to control you. We all have so much to be thankful for that sometimes we are so focused on what's wrong in our lives that we don't focus on what's good.

Cleanse your mind from obsessing on these toxic thoughts for they are poison infecting your life. Only you can choose what thoughts you let in. So what thoughts do you choose?

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