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Who Controls Your Life: Are You The Architect?

I can't live my life walking on eggshells
I can't live my life walking on eggshells (Daniele Nicolucci photography)
by Sandy Tashi Hounsell

Letting Go

At first glance the thought of letting go of fearful thinking can seem quite scary, even frightening for many who are used to being unconsciously controlled by these types of thoughts.

After all, this is what many of us unknowingly have built are identity on.

And to allow the walls to crumble and rebuild a stronger foundation based on self-belief and self love can be a daunting prospect.

Thoughts of, "Who am I then?" "What's going to happen to me if I let go", "Whose going to take care of me?" will and do spring to mind when we contemplate change of this nature that goes to the very core of our being.

It's like taking the inner structure of the house, which is holding the internal and outer walls in place, and seeing all the walls collapsing, leaving you feeling somewhat exposed and vulnerable.

But what if you changed those thoughts and instead see a golden opportunity being presented from which you can commence building the house of your dreams, and where you get to be the architect, the painter, the plumber, even the electrician.

You 'wire in' new thoughts that build brand new neural pathways that easily flow throughout your whole body, and where the electrical current sparks up optimism, excitement and wonder in what you are creating for yourself.

If we choose to think and act in a creative, positive way, looking for the optimum outcome that we desire, we will get that outcome. We are presented with many opportunities throughout each day to choose and create thoughts and behaviors that serve our highest good.

And it is in those moments that we can choose to be the master of our reality or we can be a slave to our ego and feed it by encouraging more negative thinking.

If we want happiness, joy and peaceful living, we must learn to think that way. Whatever comes to us in life comes from our thinking and the way we act. Whether we like it or not, we are the creators of our life and our thinking, our responses to life's situations engineers the results that we inevitably experience.

You can change those thoughts. It is up to you. Decide on what you want to change and just do it!

Write Down Your Thoughts

Look at your constant thoughts. Write them down. Think about their effect on you, your life and on others. Then close your eyes, go within the rose into your heart and ask for your loving soul, your truest nature to replace each word that is not formed from love, from your truth.

Let the words flow. Let them come even if at first the journey of your new words feels a little shaky. Practice allowing the inner words to flow up into your conscious mind and put them down on paper. This way you anchor them into your physical realm of living so their roots are even stronger.

Just like in the house, where new thoughts have been 'wired' in, the house lights go on and you literally light up in the joy of being YOU.

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