Thursday, April 25, 2013

Searching For Meaning

The Meaning of Life
The Meaning of Life (Jari Schroderus)
by Gail Billing

The truth is that there probably isn't any mapped out meaning to life, the meaning is what we give it.

The idea of being part of some grand design, or even of somehow being forgotten and missing your place in this grand design is not really not the most useful way to think.

I wonder if we confuse the need for meaning with a need to feel important?

Expecting others to fill the need of ours for being important and finding meaning that way can be a futile exercise.

The lack of a consistent inner core of self-compassion, self-esteem and understanding of ourselves and others, often contributes to the feeling of meaninglessness in life. We feel that if we are not important and admired we are meaningless.

Envy can be a part of this too. We see famous people or our peers having the things we want and then judge ourselves and our lives as lacking in some way, which is a waste of energy that could be put to better things.

It might help to understand that life even for them is not always joyful and is sometimes mundane and even stressful. Money and fame are not good indicators of happiness and meaning in life.

It's probably more help to see that we don't really need a big meaning other than the fact that there is a need to do something - care for families or go to work or follow our passions.

We need to understand that some of the things we are required to do will not be endlessly joyful and satisfying and learn take pleasure and meaning in the moment and the task.

We have to do what's important to us in the moment and explore growth and change, stagnation will never enhance your life's meaning. Take up opportunities as they arise, but don't be attached to any great outcome. It will be or it won't.

Once we learn to let go of the feelings of lack or discontent, it leaves the way open for finding meaning and joy in our daily lives, living in the moment and having gratitude for what we have, not worrying about what we don't have.

We can then reach out and enrich our lives in the ways that are meaningful to us, whether its volunteering or following our passions, and enjoying our families and friends.

We can come to see that nothing has a meaning except the meaning we give it, there is probably no grand plan and there is no goal or lifestyle more valid than another.

If we stop thinking we have to be important people and have a purpose in the grand design of the universe, we will stop feeling meaningless and be free to just enjoy our lives and find purpose in what we do.

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