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Perfectly Alright With Being Imperfect

“Don’t point out other people’s flaws because ...
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by Melissa Borgh

"The essence of being human is that one does not seek perfection" ~ George Orwell.

Why are we so hard on ourselves for being imperfect? As a society we have set such high standards for ourselves and have had such high standards set for us, that half the time we can't see how unattainable they are.

This happens in all aspects of life:

You see it in the business man that works long after his children have gone to bed just to finish the projects given to him.

You see it in the teenager that compares herself to super models, vowing that she will get plastic surgery as soon as she is 18.

You see it in the student that is terrified to bring home a report card knowing that his parents will be disappointed despite his best efforts.

You see it in the housewife that thinks she has to do it all for her family, taking no time for herself.

Here is the lesson I am learning. I am not perfect, nor am I expected to be. I am learning to accept this fact and to be kinder to myself in the meantime.

Because I am learning to be kinder to myself I am also learning to be kinder to others as well. And in this kindness I am learning to be less judgmental and more at peace.

Nobody is perfect so how can we expect ourselves or others to be. Find that kindness within yourself, because if you can't find that kindness how can you find it for others?

I am Melissa Borgh, owner of Essence of Health in Markham,ON. Most of what I write are articles about what life has thrown me. I like sharing these lessons learned because I know others are going through the same.

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