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Motivational Reading Is Essential for Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneur of the Century
Entrepreneur of the Century (Kevin Krejci)
by Shawn S More

As any new entrepreneur knows, advice from your peers is essential to the success of your business.

One can spend days or weeks trying to wrestle with obstacles but the simple fact is that there are plenty of people who have succeeded in business and are willing to share their secrets.

It is easy to be overcome with excitement while starting a new business.

One is full of fresh ideas and ready to take on anything that may come your way. However, once the novelty wears off and reality sets in it is time to seek advice from the people that you are following to success. The primary way to re-dedicate oneself to a struggling or infant business is to absorb as much as you can from the writings of those who have come before you.

While your idea for a successful business may be unique, there is most certainly someone that can offer a fresh prospective which could encourage you to take a second look at your business model. Perhaps that advice shows up in something as simple as a blog or a brief local interview. It is your responsibility to take that advice to heart and apply it to your daily operations.

Listen to what those who came before you have to say. Take the time to search for newspaper interviews or small radio spots. If one can commit the time to reading about the successes and failures of other entrepreneurs, it will encourage them to either fight through the struggles that they encounter or they will take that sound advice to heart and avoid the issues from the start.

There is no motivation like pure motivation and that can only come from those who have committed themselves to sacrifice as you, the entrepreneur have.

The purest form of motivation is reading the advice of those who have taken the leap before you. To find this motivation, you must consult your local library. You must encourage your local radio stations to interview local individuals who have dared to take the same risks that you are considering.

To read the success story of another local business is to inspire. To be inspired will motivate a person to read all that they can about the local heroes that have come before them. By reading these success stories, this new entrepreneur can learn from past mistakes and move forward while incubating a more successful new business.

Only then, through the knowledge that has been passed forward can a new local business take the bad with the good and push forward to make a more successful beginning and an impactful maturity. Of course, local reading can never be enough and it is important to consult the opinions of past successful leaders.

For example, Dr. Covey would teach that one should be proactive and begin with the end in mind. He would encourage first things first and think nothing other than to achieve a 'win-win'. He would beg you to first understand and then take the time to ensure you have been understood.

Once that had been accomplished, he would want you to focus on synergy, a positive attitude, and sharpening the 'saw'. For if you are continually reading and learning to improve, you are destined for success.

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