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Moving to the Next Level

Go Up a Level!!!
Go Up a Level!!! (Photo credit: Aline Rebelo)
by Ron Achenbach

You've decided to make a change in your life.

Either a change to where you work or what work you do, a relationship change, or some significant change in your life.

But you hesitate. You almost move forward, arms outstretched, but then you pull back.

The fact that you hesitate is a good sign. It means the change is truly significant. You know it's a serious matter. So hesitation is good. Inaction is not.

I know people who spend a great deal of time preparing to make changes. I use to be one of those people. Don't get me wrong, I don't go blindly into new things. If I need to make a serious change, or move to the next level I make sure to do my homework. I look at how the change will affect all aspects of my life.

By looking at the overall impact the change will have on you and those around you, you are much better to handle the situations that come up. No matter how well you plan or strategize, things will come up that you did not expect. So there are some critical questions to ask yourself.

  1. Is the change I'm about to make going to take me one step closer or one step further from my overarching goals?
  2. What will I do if things work out like I plan?
  3. What will I do if things don't work out like I plan?
  4. What is the worst thing that could happen if I move forward?
  5. What has kept me from moving forward up to this point?
  6. Have I overcome those obstacles?

There are a bunch of other questions you can ask, but you get the point. The other thing to keep in mind is that most of what constrains you from moving forward is between your ears! We find all kinds of ways to talk ourselves out of what we know would be a good step forward.

No matter how logical a choice may be, if you're not emotionally committed to it it's not going to happen. You have to emotionally move forward as well. If you're not excited about the change (and a little intimidated) then the change will not take place. And if it does take place it will revert back the first time you hit a major road block.

Commit to change emotionally, and have a well thought out plan.

"Faith is taking the first step without seeing the whole staircase." - Martin Luther King, Jr.

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