Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Do You Tell Yourself the Truth?

by Susan Russo

"Being happy doesn't mean that everything is perfect. It means you've decided to look beyond the imperfections" - Anonymous.

Being honest with yourself about why your life is the way it is, is the first step in getting it right. There's a reason for the saying, "the truth will set you free." Because when you tell yourself the truth you will be set free to live your life the way you were meant to.

Most people will rationalize why they are where they are in life. And, typically the reason is that someone or something caused them to be in this situation but it's never their fault.

The truth is that people and things can impact your life but, they can't make you think. And, it's what you think that determines how you live.

We all know that no one is going to get to the other side of life without experiencing some kind of adversity in one form or another. Count on it. As a matter of fact, be prepared for it because, that's life!

Pessimist or Optimist?

I know a man, who is divorced, has two healthy children, had his own company and sold it but didn't get exactly what he wanted. He has property worth close to 1.5 million dollars and all he ever does is moan, complain and boohoo everything that happens to him.

He always makes a mountain out of a mole hill. He acts like anything that can go wrong will and when it does you would think that his life is over and he has no reason to live.

If someone were to look at his life they would think he has it made. Sure he may have a few glitches to overcome, who doesn't? But in the big scheme of things, sadly he never truly appreciates how fortunate he is.
You can take two different people who have two different outlooks on life and place them in an identical so called 'bad situation' and the affect it will have on each person will be like night and day.

One will be positive, the other negative. One will believe it's the worst thing that could happen. The other will be thankful that's all that happened. One will see it as a lesson to learn from; the other will see it as cross to bear.

Now which of these two people are you? Which one is telling themselves the truth?

Let's take this man for example, is it true that not selling his business for what he wanted is the worst thing possible? No. Losing his business entirely would be worse.

Is it true that his life is so horrible because he has a condo and property worth 1.5 million? Do I even have to answer the question? But according to him, his life sucks.

Until he can tell himself the truth that his life isn't that bad he will continue to make himself miserable. As a matter of fact I'm sure there are many homeless, jobless and childless people who would like to trade places with him.

I was talking to him one day and he was depressed because he thought by now he would have had grandchildren. It's almost as if he manufacturers things to be upset about. Instead of being grateful that he even has children, he focuses on what he doesn't have and cries about it.

Your Perception Becomes Your Reality

His perspective is what drags him down and until he can change his perspective from pessimistic to living with gratitude, he will remain stuck in negativity.

Until he can tell himself the truth that it doesn't matter what happens to him in life, but what matters is how he chooses to view it; he will always be a victim and that my friends is not the way we were meant to live.

Do you tell yourself the truth about your circumstances? Or, do you make things worse than they are by what you choose to think?

The truth is that you can choose to change your perspective at any second and begin to live your life with a new outlook regardless of your situation. The truth is that you CAN be happy in your life in spite of things not working out exactly the way you planned.

What do you choose?

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