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Take Control of Your Life Right Now! Why Wait?

Taking control
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by Hazel Palache

Perhaps you allow weeks and months to pass and you don't even think about your personal or professional goals. Do you ever ask yourself the question "What am I waiting for."

The good news is that if you choose to, you can start planning and taking action to achieve your goals today. They're still there just waiting for you!

Using the following tips will help you to take control so you start moving forward:

1. Think about your goals so you know exactly what you want to achieve then with pen and paper write them down before you transfer them to your computer. This will give you more clarity and the handwriting will transmit them to your brain.

2. Looking at your goals now create an action plan. If more than one take one at a time and decide what specific actions you need to take to begin working toward achieving your goals. Giving yourself the clarity about the path that needs to be taken will make it easier to accomplish what you want.

3. It's important to acknowledge that whatever time, research and money it takes to reach the goals, you deserve to achieve them and to have what you dream about.

4. Connect with the concept that you're in charge of your own life. The only person that can truly control your choices and decisions is you. Thinking about it this way, does it make you feel excited or maybe just a little bit afraid to step off the ledge? Fear is perfectly OK, just don't let it stop you from achieving what you want.

5. Avoid waiting.Take action. Whether you procrastinate or not the sun still rises and sets. Why wait? You will feel really great when you take control and you take action to move forward.

6. Celebrate every success, big or small.

7. Infuse aspects of your goals into each day. When you start to focus on achieving your goals you will find yourself thinking about them and also maybe talking about them so you really put it out into the Universe.

Create a vision board. It doesn't have to be big and dramatic just something that allows you to continually see what you want to achieve. If you prefer not to have a vision board just cut out pictures and display them wherever you see them regularly. On the bathroom mirror or your refrigerator.

Everything is an inside job. When you stop waiting for people or situations to make your life happen, you regain control over how you spend your time.

Acknowledge that only you are responsible for your life. Celebrate your progress each step of the way and entwine aspects of your aspirations into your daily life.

Following these tips will give you a renewed sense of self-control, self-confidence and focus and instead of waiting you will start feeling excited to get going each day. So, why wait, take action now.

Mindset Expert and certified coach Hazel Palache is the president of Your Stairway to Wealth and an Amazon, best selling author and speaker.

Using the tools of NLP and hypnosis as well as her vast life and business experience, she teaches action oriented women entrepreneurs over 45 how to let go of fear and doubt so they make more profit and live their life infused with fun and financial freedom.

For more information and to register for a complimentary 25 minute Rapid results strategy call with Hazel or to register for her free six lesson e-course visit

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