Thursday, January 31, 2013

Saying No Is Empowering

Just Say No No No No No No
Just Say No No No No No No (Photo credit: Daniel Pettit)
by Vanessa McLean

One of my ongoing observations is that of the development of babies. Watching them learn from their parents, siblings and society is rather intriguing.

They are free spirited individuals, they know what they want. Try putting a feeding bottle to their mouth when they are not hungry and see where that ends up.

Try telling them not to touch something and see what they do. You've guessed it. NO ...

There is one word which in any language babies seem to master and the word is NO. They declare their intentions in no uncertain terms. They are determined to do whatever it is that pleases them most.

Challenging as it may be to oblige to their wishes, they are unflinching in their demand. They have ultimate power, they know how to get what they want. So ...

What happens to that power as the baby develops into a child, teenager and then an adult? Why is it so many people find it hard to say NO?

It becomes an act of pleasing others, forgetting that we all have a choice in life and thus said, we all have the ability to refuse something which is not consistent with our belief's likings or desires. No is a small word, it's even smaller than YES. yet people will trip over the word No in order to feel accepted or complete.

Is that you? Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you wanted to say NO ... but instead of saying no you succumbed to someone's wishes, then ...

You started to feel guilty and dis-empowered because of a decision you chose to make. Feeling disgruntled by your decision, you feel and urgent need to share your predicament with the world.

Well ... instead of feeling dis-empowered, choose today to be a free expression of who you truly are. Liberate yourself from any situation which does not serve your higher good.

Now ...

Purse your lips together and say NO!

Do it again.

Experience the full feeling of freedom ... hmmm doesn't that feel good? Learning to say NO is empowering. When you do so you are in alignment with your true spirit. What comes out of your mouth is what resides in your heart.

Have a great day, feel the richness within you as you operate from your truth. Take charge of your life because if you don't somebody else certainly will. Learn how to say NO.

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