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Creative Solutions

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by Marita Steffe

It's not only 'artsy' people who benefit by having a creative talent. Creativity is the basis of solutions to even the most mundane problems people face in life.

It's a spark of creativity that brings an idea for many new business startups. Creativity also plays an important part in solving problems both in everyday life as well as in the workplace.

One of the things that creative people have in common is passion. While discipline is important and a person can be trained in discipline, when passion is already present, you don't have to train yourself to become disciplined. The passion for what you are doing will drive the discipline naturally.

Being interested in something isn't the same thing as passion. While interest will drive creativity at first, when the interest diminishes, creativity for the subject may diminish as well.

Creative people who are passionate about a subject will keep striving to learn more and question how an idea or product can be changed or improved. It may very well be that the problem isn't that you are not creative; you just don't have the passion in the area.

Don't make the mistake of waiting for inspiration and passion. Get in the habit of being creative by searching out a task or problem that needs a creative solution every day. Get to know yourself and what your enjoy doing, not just what you know that you are good at.

Many people who have doubted that they had the ability to write were surprised to find that journaling was a key to finding inspiration and passion.

When convinced that their writings didn't have to be shared with or judged by others, the journaling process was allowed to succeed and being free to write about anything without the fear of being judged allowed new ideas to present themselves almost magically on the paper.

Doodling also can bring hidden ideas to light. When the hand is allowed to work on its own, it's surprising what it can tell you about yourself. When you are faced with a problem that needs a creative solution, don't just look at it like it was a roadblock that won't let you through.

Change your way of thinking about it. Look at it from a different angle. Step back from the problem and let it compost for a while. Draw the problem out and doodle your way to a solution.

Be confident that you are creative and creativity will come.

Marita, has been working in the interior design trade for the last 20 years.specializing in fabric consultation, slipcovers and upholstery, Creativity has always been her passion, but now it's a different aspect of creativity: The expression of self and healing the mind with creativity.

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