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Anger Management: 5 Amazing Tips for Managing Anger at Work

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by Jitesh Arora

Do you get angry at work? What are the situations that push your buttons and make you behave atrociously at work? Well, every person is different. What may be a trigger for you may not be so for the next person.

However, anger management at the workplace is very important. Why? Because your boss may replace you if can not keep your anger in control.

So for your sanity and job protection, read 5 amazing tips for managing anger while you are at work.

1. Own Your Anger

Owning your anger when you are at work may seem like an easy thing to do, but it is not so. Blaming other people for your anger may be easier, but the trouble with it is that nothing gets solved. When you start taking responsibility for your anger, you give way to understanding why those emotions surfaced in the first place. When you start asking questions to yourself about why a particular outburst happened, you can manage your emotions better.

2. Don`t be Judgmental while Sharing your Perceptions

The truth is that in a workplace there are some things that cannot or should not be done. For instance, shouting and swearing at your co-worker. Since you cannot do that, share your perceptions in a non-judgmental way. State clearly what you think is the problem instead of saying things like ''How could you have done this?'' or ''You are to blame for this mess.'' Using 'I'' or ''Me'' in your sentences is also a good idea while doing this.

3. Ask Questions

When you are feeling that a bout of anger for a colleague's work is about to surface, ask questions. When you ask questions, you have a better idea on what exactly the case is and what led to the situation at hand. Asking questions will also ensure that you dig deeper and in all probability solve the problem at hand instead of causing an angry outburst. While asking questions, keep your tone level and non-defensive.

4. Make Your Expectations Clear to your Coworkers

If you are regularly disappointed by people at work for delivering lesser than your expectations, it may be a good idea to state what those expectations were clearly in the first place. If you have trouble getting your message across verbally, write it down in email or a note and make sure that the concerned co-worker gets it.

5. Apologize if you are Wrong

The apology is not something everyone can do. If you think you have done something wrong, instead of being angry and arrogant about it, own up to your mistakes and apologize. An apology will go a long way in keeping anger at bay.

Being angry is easy but controlling it does need some effort. I would recommend you to start with above mentioned tips and you will certainly see some amazing results.

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