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8 Easy Ways to Discover Your Strengths

“Strength does not come from physical capacity...
“Strength does not come from physical capacity. It comes from an indomitable will.” (Photo credit: katerha)
by Ashok Grover

Many people feel that do not have any strengths.

It may be because whatever you are good at, comes to you so naturally and easily that you might not think it is a strength.

It may be something very normal to you; but in comparison to others it may be a great strength.

At the same time, there may be hidden undeveloped strengths like an unpolished diamond, which does have a great value; but is not visible due to lack of opportunity.

Once you recognize this aspect, you can always create suitable opportunities to utilize your strength!

Your strengths are the foundations of your success. Doing the things you are good at, adds to your confidence and brings in extraordinary results. While it is assumed that everybody is aware of one's strengths, it is not always so. You may be having blind spots and therefore need to discover your strengths.

While there are experts to help you in this journey into unknown, there are some DIY tips that you can use to recognize your strengths. Sounds interesting? Read on:

  1. Notice where you stand out from a crowd.Do you recall taking certain initiatives whenever you are in a group? It could be taking lead in planning or just taking up the role of an informal leader. Reason is simple. It happens when one loves to do a certain thing ... or in other words using / displaying one's strengths. Look back, you will be able to recall such situations. Conclusion - whenever you acted different from the crowd, it was your strength.

  2. Look for your moments of excitement. Engaging in an activity you are really good at, shows up excitement all over. Your face becomes radiant, your body language reveals the charge, your speech exudes confidence ... and you can feel it all over. Normally, it should be quite apparent to you; but if you find it tricky, take the help of a close friend/mentor/guide to keep an eye on you and share his/her observations.

  3. Record and study your past achievements. List down your past achievements howsoever small these may be. You will be amazed to see the unexpectedly long list. Then, identify a common pattern of specific activities in those events. These particular activities are sure shot expressions of your strengths.

  4. Notice the compliments. Whenever somebody compliments you (and you know it was an honest compliment), don't bury it with just a humble acknowledgement. Make a note of it and look deeper to identify the positive side. You will find that the compliment is a real indication of your strength.

  5. Observe your cravings. Your inner yearnings act like a magnet and pull you towards your strengths. So, if you find yourself craving repeatedly to do something and you enjoy it, it is a clue that therein may lie your strength.

  6. Watch your learning speed.Certain skills you may find tough to learn and it may take quite some time in spite of your working hard on them. Similarly, some others you pick up rather quickly - a definite clue that these are your strengths.

  7. Spot the activities making you lose track of time. How many times it happened that you got engrossed so much in an activity that you were not conscious of how much time passed away. Certainly an activity which can keep you engaged to such an extent is an indication of your strength.

  8. Feedback analysis. Management guru Peter Drucker renews this technique propounded by a German theologian in the 14th century. The technique suggests that whenever you take a key decision or action, write down what results do you expect. Later (after a few days, weeks or months), compare the actual results with your own expectations. The analysis will reveal your strengths as well as weaknesses.

Armed with so many ways to unearth your strengths, it is time to move ahead and deploy them in practice so as to enjoy your work, give superior performance and climb to the ladder of success.

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