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4 Steps For Change and Growth

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by Kimberley Cohen

Life can throw us to and fro sometimes, can't it? We never know what might transpire during our day.

You can set your intentions on how you would like things to unfold and sometimes they work out perfectly or at least close to how you had intended.

Other times you are blindsided by something you were not expecting and it turns your day into one you want to run away from or pull the covers up over your head and hope it goes away. Or perhaps what has happened is down right frightening, devastating, or disastrous.

Whether it is today, yesterday, a week, month, or year ago, you can move through and forward from that which rocks your world even if it feels like that day may never come.

Depending on what has occurred and how deeply it has affected you, it can take time to feel like you are putting one foot in front of the other again as opposed to staying stuck or even going backwards.

When you are going through challenges, the key is to know it's possible for you to be victorious once again, and you will be! It is to believe that there is a light at the end of the tunnel and you are walking towards it with new insights and your head held high.

What I have come to recognize, and continue to experience in my life, is that with each problem that arises there lies growth and possibilities; sometimes not right away, but they are there.

Opportunities are there for change, forgiveness, expansion, elevated thinking, joy, love, and peace. Some trials are easier to move forward from than others. Sometimes it's as easy as being aware of what's going on for you and presto, you are able to shift your thinking/feeling quite quickly. Other times having awareness just doesn't seem to change anything.

Having awareness alone doesn't always alter how you feel or what you want to do.

There are 4 steps though that can help you to change and grow: Awareness + Desire + Commitment + Action = Change and Growth

Step 1. Awareness

Being conscious and clear about what's going on for you is one of the first steps to change. When you know how you are feeling, or what needs to be done, or you have clarity around what would be helpful, then you can begin to take steps forward to making changes and growing.

Step 2. Desire

There must be a desire to want to adjust your ways of thinking, being, and doing for things to shift. Sometimes we know what would be helpful but, and sometimes that's a big but, we don't really want things to change even though we say we do. This is true for many people. Awareness and desire are not always enough for transformation.

Step 3. Commitment

Wishing things would be different doesn't make them so. You have to commit to not only knowing "what" you want to change, but "why" it's important and the benefits of doing so and then "how" you intend to follow this through.

Step 4. Action

This is what makes it really possible. It's not just a thought, or desire anymore, it's change and growth transpiring. You are now taking the necessary steps to making the desired changes and not just thinking about them.

You may have a few set backs, or starts and stops; that's to be expected. But if you stick with that which you want, it can happen.

Mohandas Gandhi said, "You may never know what results come from your action. But if you do nothing, there will be no result".

In this big beautiful wonderful world there are going to be challenges, some easier than others, and some will take longer to move through and forward from as there is no right or wrong way of handling troubles. What you want to remember is it IS possible for change and growth if you want them.

"You can be the change you want to see and you can grow from that which has or is occurring" - Kimberley Cohen

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