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10 Ways to Turn Failure into Success

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Failure is painful, right? And I’m not just talking about property investment.

Well according to an article in  Geoffrey James says that’s not the case for successful people. The most successful people in every field (including real estate investing) don’t consider failure to be a particularly painful experience - because they think about it differently.

Successful people transcend failure because their self-esteem, rather than depending on whether they win or lose, is based upon their own sense of value. Rather than taking failure seriously, they develop beliefs that allow them to capitalize upon negative feedback and turn it to their advantage.

Rules to Live By

Therefore, if you’re really committed to being successful, you’ll mothball that “failure = pain” nonsense. Instead, instead adopt some (or all) of the following beliefs:

1. Failure renews my humility, sharpens my objectivity, and makes me more resilient.
2. I take the challenge seriously, but I do not take myself too seriously.
3. If the more I fail, the more I succeed, then failure is a part of the process of achieving my objectives.
4. Failure is temporary when I use it as an opportunity to try new ideas.
5. I learn more from failure than success.
6. Negative feedback is information that helps me correct my course so that I stay on target.
7. I am paid for the number of times I fail.
8. My self-esteem is not based on the reactions of others, but by my own sense of virtue.
9. The unkindness of others reminds me that I need to be kind to myself.
10. It takes courage to fail - because nobody ever got ahead without taking risks.

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