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Transformation: Making A Choice To Change

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Emphasising choice in decision making as a tool for achievement and empowerment (Wikipedia)
by Cliff Hirschhorn

Making a decision to change your life can happen in an instant. It may be due to circumstances, or it may be long overdue and something that occurs after the realization that a new point of view is essential.

Here are some ideas on how to transform and improve your circumstances no matter where you are at the current moment.

First, you need to make a decision to see things differently. This may sound overwhelming or perhaps "impossible", but knowing that your point of view is what needs to change, you can focus on looking at all things in your life and entertain the possibility that anything and everything can be different. It is all up to you.

Suppose you woke up one morning and you were a foot taller, and you were suddenly seeing the world from a new view. Imagine how you would feel, and how others would view you. It might take a while for you to adjust to your new vision and perspective of the world, and it might be exciting or scary or even incredible that this change had occurred.

Another way to look at transformation is to do things that you have never done. Being willing to take risks and push beyond your usual rules and regulations will be new and probably frightening. Let your heart pound, and know that this is your reaction to risk. It is also part of being alive!

Next, pay attention to your "inner voice". Learn to listen to what you are thinking and what is running through your mind. This voice has been there for a long time, and it has its familiar ways and ideas. Learn to ignore it, or at the very least not pay too much attention to it.

When you find yourself talking about things that make you feel negative emotions (like anger, depression, sadness, or critical), see if you can stop your conversation as soon as possible. This includes any complaints that are about to come out of your mouth.

If you are able to hear what you are saying, or can think about the words you are about to speak before you say them, you will be amazed at the positive effect of not being negative!

Finally, learn to be honest. This starts with being honest with yourself about anything that you have done or said that you are not proud of. Apologizing to those you may have wronged is a great start. Telling people in your life who you love and care about that you are sorry for whatever you have done or not done will set you free and make you more "real" to yourself and in your life.

If this sounds strange or not something you feel like doing, push past that thought and try it. Just do it! See how you feel to tell the truth to others and come clean with who you really are. It just might free you beyond your wildest dreams.

Enjoy this process. Clean up whatever untruths you can, and set your relationships with yourself and others on a new and different path.

The decision is up to you. The results might be that you transform your life and change your perspective.

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