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Top 10 New Year's Resolutions for 2013

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by Jacob Tyree

So, Christmas is gone - it sure is a 'financial disaster' time of the year. But it's the New Year that we all look forward to.

And very year it's the same - the "New Year is a New Start" attitude where we choose the most bizarre resolutions to do. But they never happen, right?

Well with all this "12.21.12 World End" horror, by 2013 we should all feel like we dodged a bullet! So maybe next year should really be the year that we actually do something.

Here are the Top 10 New Year's Resolutions for 2013.

Number 10: Quit Smoking

Yes, every year this is on the list, and everybody is in the same boat on this one. We try the nicotine gum, the nicotine patch, or one of these cool new electronic cigarettes that you can smoke inside and when everyone thinks it's real they look at you as if you are criminal. But every year, again and again, we fail. Why?

Maybe the cigarette box pictures aren't disturbing enough - actually, no, they are actually horrible. But maybe next year, will be the last time, and you will quit. And if you succeed, and it is a big "IF" ... you will find yourself with a lot of free time and actually a lot more money!

Number 9: Quit Drinking

You must have seen this one coming, especially after you stacked up for the Christmas party! But remember when you were a kid, when you tried this "grown-ups" drink for the first time and hated it?

But then you started to get into it, and now, even though alcohol does make your friends better looking, your liver hates you. That should really be enough to make you quit, because your liver has a good point.

It has become an elite athlete and now wants a vocation. You don't necessarily need to stop all alcohol intake, but limiting it at least to something that you can handle is a good start. Plus, now is the best time to start - since they are putting a 40 pence per unit price increase.

Number 8: Finally Get Organised

Now if you don't have phobia of change then this one is rather easy. Sorting out the boot of your car could be a start. When you finally get up to it then you will realize that it really is like doing a treasure hunt - you never know what you could find. If you actually do it before the New Year then you could find a great gift for someone or even for yourself if you find a 10 pound note.

Number 7: Learn Something New

We do need to use our brain more. Did you know that the brain is 75% water, weighing a total of around 3 lbs and 60% of it is fat? So you really do need to take it for a run once in a while or it will become obese and lazy. See how easy it is? You already learned something new, so lets move on.

Number 6: Get Out Of Debt

By the way things are looking at the moment, this might take a while. We pay it off every month, but at the end the sum somehow gets bigger? Must be one of the worlds unsolved mysteries. But we all know that the sooner we pay it off the less we have to pay. So start now!

Number 5: Get A New Job

If you earn 6-digits then you sir are an exception. But actually, are you? It has always been about money, but really it's all about 'time' or rather the lack of it. If you are stuck in your job more hours than you can count then you might need to slow down and look at your options, no matter what your income might be - you can't buy time, not yet.

Having a balance between work and family/free time will definitely make you happier. And actually times have changed and it is very normal to change jobs once in a while. A life career is very rare. Get the best job for 2013, and then a better one for 2014.

Number 4: Start A New Hobby

Apart from what we think, believe it or not, but actually laying on a sofa and watching TV is not a hobby. So do something beneficial that you can enjoy. This doesn't necessarily have to be anything very challenging or physical, but it must keep you busy with something that you actually enjoy. And this would be great if you could get your family members or friends involved.

Number 3: Start A Business

At heart, we are all born businessmen/women. And those who follow the heart sure earn more than the rest, and have more free time. So what are you waiting for? Got a story? Write a book. Got an idea? Make a product. Have the internet? Start a business online, you could even just sell all your rubbish on eBay.

It could be something that is just running alongside your day-to-day job. I don't think anyone would dismiss extra income; you could even have a chance to make it big, and before you know it you could be on a Caribbean islands watching "Pirates of the Caribbean" while sipping some freshly made juice!

Number 2: Getting Healthier

We, humans, are always disappointed with our shape - especially with that beer belly we grew over Christmas. And the media is not letting us rest one bit with all this dangerous cholesterol and fats; every hour they tell us yet another thing that causes cancer, and yet we still eat that innocent chocolate, and drink some refreshing energy drink.

But maybe next year we should really start taking care of ourselves, at least until next Christmas where we can spoil ourselves yet again.

Number 1: Spend More Time With Family

Now it's getting serious. We all know that family is priceless. Well, It is definitely one of the things you should always be proud of and, obviously, investing time in your family is gold. So why is it that we choose work and friends over it?

Maybe we don't appreciate the true value, or maybe we like to be independent, or maybe we just need someone to make a New Years resolution list and put family at number 1. So now you have no excuse. Make next year your best year yet.

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