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Success and Motivation Tips

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by Christopher Babson

Don't Give Up! Every great success story includes temptations to quit along the way.

One of the principle differences between winners and, well, non-winners, is that winners never give into this impulse to quit on themselves and their dream.

Or they do so only temporarily and turn away in disgust at their self-betrayal. Winners understand that motivation and success are a personal responsibility and rarely just appear on their own.

There is no failure in life; except in never trying or in giving up. Everything else is just a result. It may not be the result you desire, but just a result nevertheless.

Results are great information, even if painful and disheartening at times. Use the information that undesired results provide to refine your tactics and fuel your tenacious determination and action.


A requirement for exceptional success in life. The path to greatness requires ferocious tenacity. Understand, accept and embody this.

Why do some quit while others don't? And, perhaps most importantly, how do you become one of those that never quits? How do you become one of the few tenacious souls that keep on keeping on?

It's in your mind-set and emotions; down to the cellular level, ingrained in your physiology. The stories you choose to tell yourself about your dreams, your potential, your standards for yourself and your life (your musts in life) and, yes, the stories you choose to tell yourself about any unwanted results you accrue along the way.

The purpose, meaning and emotions you attach to each of these things will, to a large degree, determine whether you are a winner or just another person who gave up on themselves.

If your mind-set and emotions aren't primed, prepared ahead of time and constantly rejuvenated through self-exploration, education, coaching and practice, then those results that you will inevitably get that you don't want to get will most likely knock you down.

Like most people, you will likely quit on your dreams and yourself then and there; hopefully only temporarily; but, all too often, permanently.

Your quitting might take the form of procrastination, excuse making or transference. Or it might be a negative, pessimistic attitude or anger. Or it might be flat out saying "I give up!" Each of these will result in the same outcome: The personal choice of failure.

Don't ever quit yourself, your potential, your purpose, your loved-ones or your life. Be your best friend and prepare ahead of time so that when those inevitable unwanted results come a-knocking, quitting isn't even an option.

  • Focus your attention and intention 100% on your highest purpose and passion in life. See it, feel it and hear it within and before you bright, vibrating with enthusiastic life energy and certain in its necessity and inevitability in you and for your life. Do this daily. Don't wait until a rainy day.

  • Acknowledge all you have already accomplished and overcome in your life AND remind yourself of inspirational challenges you know others have achieved (with purpose, passion, focus and determined tenacity). Know that you too can and will be one of these people others are soon inspired by and look to as a shining light and example of strength, determination and exceptionalism.

  • Remember that no considerable and lasting great accomplishment is ever actualized by a human being without great passion. Find and feed your passion for purpose and vision each moment each day. Motivation, energy and intention always come from within. Don't wait for external events to create them for you or you will wait until it's too late.

  • Get constant coaching in the form of books, CDs, seminars, mastermind groups, coaches and personal reflection and self-work. Exceptional people have a passion and need for constant learning and growth. They understand that, as exceptional as they already are, they can never learn and apply too much. Constant learning and development, then application of that knowledge, is a huge game-changer. Perhaps "the" game-changer. And it is certainly a necessity to stay competitive and in the game.

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