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How to Make 2013 the Best Year Ever

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by Mark W Coziahr

If you are reading this article than most likely you are looking to make some changes or improvements to your life during 2013.

So let's fast forward to the end of 2013 for a second.

I want you to think to yourself and finish the following sentence, "2013 has been the best year of my life because ...".

I am guessing that whatever you completed that sentence with is going to be your main goal of focus for the upcoming year.

If you are having a difficult time answering why 2013 will be your best year ever, don't fret.

Simply grab a piece of paper and a pencil and in 30 seconds or less write down your 3 top goals.

According to entrepreneur and success expert Brian Tracy, it doesn't matter if you have 3 hours or 30 seconds to do this exercise. Your mind will guide you to your top three priorities or goals.

Now chances are that you wrote down a health or fitness goal, a financial goal, and a relationship goal. Or you wrote down some combination of the three. Maybe two goals were health related and one was financial. OK, so this is the easy part.

While most people don't have a problem making goals, they do have a problem keeping them. In fact it's estimated that only 12% of New Year's resolutions are kept. That means a whopping 88% are broken. I would love to help shift the balance of those numbers and get more people to realize that they can achieve their goals.

The next step after deciding what your goals are going to be is to identify the top 3-5 actions that are going to be needed to accomplish your goals. For example, one of my goals in 2012 was to get my body fat down below 10%. I was able to reach this goal by last summer by making it a priority to complete a few specific actions that I repeated daily.

First, I made an effort to work out daily for 45 minutes or more. Some days it was weights. Some days it was cardio. Other days it was yoga. But I made an effort to exercise daily. Second, I made 2 of my meals shakes so that it was easier to get the nutrients my body needed without all of the calories of a large meal.

My third step was the hardest for me and that was to quit eating after 6 pm. I found that I am a late night eater and all of the effort I put in during the day was being lost by eating extra food because I was tired or bored.

The third step is to be consistent. In his bestselling book, The Compound Effect, Daren Hardy explains how momentum toward your goals is gained by repeating a few key actions daily.

If you are serious about making 2013 the best year ever, your actions cannot be a "sometimes thing." There needs to be a focus that is guiding your actions. And when you repeat the actions over and over again you will begin to see positive changes.

Unfortunately, too many people give up on themselves way too soon. They have convinced themselves that there must be a quick fix solution or a magic pill out there that will get them to where they want to be. The truth is that this is not the case.

As I once heard Nick Sarnicola say, "Your beliefs determine your actions. And your actions determine your results." So believe you can make 2013 the best year ever. Next take the daily actions to make 2013 the best year ever. And in 12 months look back at the year that was and enjoy the success you have achieved!

Mark Coziahr has been educating and motivating others for the past 13 years. As an independent distributor with Visalus Sciences, Mark has been able to help others lose weight, get fit, and obtain better overall health.

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