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The Power of Vision - Every Movement Starts With a Vision

Cover of "The Power of Vision"
Cover of The Power of Vision
by Karen YL

Never underestimate the power of vision. It is a mental projection of your future. Expressing your vision gives your goals substance and can even help you conquer your fears.

A vision is different to a mission. The former is a picture of where you want to go and the latter is a broader purpose.

For example, if your vision is, "I want an online business that spans the globe", your mission might be, "I want to help countless people worldwide to create success in their life."

Being successful at anything always starts with a vision. A vision works best when it is a combination of your motivations - what you want, your beliefs - what you believe, and your abilities - what you are good at.

A vision allows you to create a unique personal statement to determine your decisions and guide your actions.

As you move along your path, inevitably you will encounter forks in the road. Without a strong vision at the helm, guiding your decisions, you may choose a path arbitrarily. Without a vision, you can't possibly know which way to go.

You will wander off track and end up going in circles and getting nowhere. As the saying goes, "If you don't stand for something, you will fall for anything."

With a vision, you have a guiding light, something to consult whenever you have to decide on which road to take.

If you take path A, does this align with your vision? If so, move forward without hesitation. If you take path B, does this align with your vision? If not, don't go down that road. Ask yourself, "Does this fit?" Sounds simple and it is when you have a vision.

A vision will keep you focused on your priorities. When you act with vision and purpose, even in the face of adversity, you will find solutions to any challenges that arise and keep moving forward.

Without a vision, you may stumble, falter and even turn back at the first obstacle you encounter. Your vision will act as a powerful driving force that will help you overcome any challenges along the way.

You may not know how you will get to where you want to go but if your vision and determination are strong enough, you will invent the processes and work out what you need to do to get you to where you want to go.

People will be attracted to you and inspired by you. Your energy will be contagious. New opportunities will come your way as people are captivated by your clarity, purpose and enthusiasm and they will want to associate with you.

If your calling is eluding you, embark a process of self-discovery to reveal your motivations, values and abilities.

The best visions will take you out of your comfort zone, be challenging and attainable. Stretch and challenge your existing boundaries and limitations, be flexible enough to embrace the unexpected and appreciate how challenges force you to grow.

Still dubious? Consider this, what is more frightening? Exploring your vision now or letting an unexplored vision haunt you on your death bed? Only you can make it happen. Take action now!
You don't need to wait for a crisis before you decide to change. Create a vision board. Keep a journal of your struggles and accomplishments.

Taking a self-guided path is empowering and can bring ultimate fulfillment. Rise above temporary setbacks and see your journey as a work in progress in which the rewards are in the climb, not the destination.

Create your own life!

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