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Overcoming Your Fears to Try Something New

Fear (of the Unknown)
Fear (of the Unknown) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
by Karen YL

Stepping outside your comfort zone to try a new hobby or start a new job can be met with all manner of fears and self-doubt; fear of failure, fear of the unknown, fear of what other people will think, even fear of success.

Often as kids when we made a mistake, instead of being taught to correct our mistake or error with genuine love, affection and acceptance, our mistakes or errors were met with anger, impatience and a distinct lack of acceptance.

Growing up with a plethora or negative reactions to your actions, you will naturally acquire beliefs about mistakes such as; mistakes are to be avoided at all costs, there must be something wrong with me if I make a mistake, I am a screw up, etc. These thoughts will be reflected in your decisions and actions, sabotaging yourself and becoming a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Ask yourself, are you fearing things you don't need to fear? Are these things worthy of your fear? Are you worthy of the self-doubt you may be feeling? Many obstacles you perceive, are not worthy of your fear.

When beginning something new, picture in your mind you doing the activity well. This is especially good to practise at night, just before going to sleep.

Making mistakes is the only way to learn. When you make a mistake, ask yourself, how could I have done that better? Next time put this into practise and you will see improvements quickly.

Did you know that the first car Henry Ford created did not have a reverse gear? Used to horses that only go in one direction, forward, it did not initially occur to him to create a car with a reverse gear. Can you imagine if, at that point, he beat himself up, called himself an idiot and gave up on his dreams and goals?

It is often said that success breeds success. Each time you step outside your comfort zone into a situation that makes you uncomfortable, you are expanding your zone of comfort. As you experience small wins and successes, you will realise you are more capable than you "think". As your confidence builds, you will be able to set larger goals knowing that you are capable of achieving them.

Start with a small goal such as, signing up for a course, walking the dog every day, having more patience with your kids, watching less TV, running a minute longer each time you run. As you achieve wins, you will realise that there was nothing to fear, except fear itself and you are capable of so much more than you "think."

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