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New New Year's Resolutions

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by Charyn D Gant

You have heard them or have said them yourself: "I'm going to lose 25 pounds by spring"; "I will stop smoking"; "I will change my diet and eat better". The same promises every year and every year, and many of us fail to keep those promises.

Not keeping your word can and will take a toll on your self-esteem and your self-confidence because you are essentially breaking promises to yourself. It's time to STOP doing this to ourselves. This year, let's do something different.

Decide today, as you read this that you will begin to take immediate action rather than waiting until the actual New Year. By setting your intentions in motion NOW, you are setting yourself up for SUCCESS as next year approaches and turns over. What is the point of waiting? If procrastination is one of your weaknesses, this will be the perfect thing to get you moving immediately!

1. Stop making the same resolutions

Take time to figure out what it is you really want to accomplish in the coming year. If you have something about yourself that you want to change, make that your resolution. Avoid getting drawn into "group" resolutions unless it's something you really, really want. Focus on YOU.

2. See your resolution from a larger and higher perspective

Imagine you are a mighty eagle, high above your initial resolution. View it differently. If losing weight is your goal, resolve instead to begin treating yourself and your life better. This change will have a greater impact on your life than just losing weight. Resolve instead to get better quality sleep, become more organized, and drink more water.

Stop taking phone calls after 9 pm, watch less television and limit your computer usage. Set healthier boundaries with family and friends, start speaking through your heart and spend more time indulging in your hobby (without making it an obsession).

3. Turn your new resolution into an "I AM" statement

I AM statements are wonderful because you are declaring your intention as if they have already happened. For example, you could say, "I AM treating myself well by getting 8 hours of sleep every night". Now, this may seem like a lame statement, however, what you are doing is allowing your subconscious to find a way to make this happen. This can be done with ALL your goals, including business, career, relationship, financial, whatever you have wanted to accomplish!

Write your own instead of getting them out of a book or off a website; when I AM statements are written by you, they have a deeper emotional impact and are more likely to manifest. Avoid using the word "not" when writing your statements. Make them positive and powerful. Repeat them daily, even if you don't see anything happening.

Setting your new New Years' resolutions in motion NOW is an In-powering action and WILL have far-reaching ripple effects in your life before the New Year even begins! Your life, your journey; how you choose to travel through it is up to you!

Charyn is co-owner of Gurl Know, an on-line resource and coaching site for women who want to live and love better in their lives and are willing to do what it takes to make it happen. Visit us at http://www.gurlknow.com to find out more information and sign up for FREE samples of The Dating Revolution Workbook and Companion Journal.

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