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Achieve Your Goals - Do You Fully Own Your Goal?

That's My Goal
That's My Goal (Photo: Wikipedia)
by Andrew D Pope

You have a goal but do you fully own it? You may have pictured it in incredible detail and be fully committed to it and all of its sub-goals.

You may have written it down in a specific and compelling way. However, no matter what you do with it, a goal is an intangible thing. What does ownership of a goal really mean? What difference does it make to the success or failure of a goal?

A goal is personal. A group cannot have a shared goal as there is no such thing. The group can have a shared vision but a goal can only be a personal thing to each group member.

The concept, therefore, of owning a goal is also personal. It means that the goal must be achievable by you alone and using resources you have or will acquire along the way. The same logic applies to your sub-goals as well.

If you have a goal that relies directly on other people to complete or achieve certain things, then you have a huge built-in flaw in the goal design. There is only one person who can ever be fully committed to your goal and that is you. It is pointless to assume that you can ask, or force, someone else to put effort into your goal with the same commitment that you do.

How much effort would you really put into someone else's goal? More than they would? How much would the failure of that goal really impact on you? You would do your best, I'm sure, but hey, you have your own goals, right?

For you to truly have ownership of a goal means that you are not directly relying on anyone else for the completion of that goal. If you have to learn from someone or acquire resources on the way from others, that is still within your control and therefore, your ownership.

What difference does ownership make to success or failure? All the difference.

Own your goals and you alone will determine their success or failure. It is a powerful position to adopt and I wish you well in doing so.

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