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Where Is Your Mind? Five Suggestions for Coaching Your Mind for Success

Creative thought processes mindmap
Creative thought processes mindmap (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
by John Midgett

Where is your mind?

Some people leave their brains at home when they leave the house for work. Their humdrum job does not require any thought, so they do not think - at all! They simply go about their duties like mindless automatons with no ambitions or goals.

Others bring their brain along, but let it run wild. Their minds spin around like crazy on non sequitur topics that have nothing to do with their goals or ambitions. Their brain is like a runaway car on a large parking lot, circling around and around, not getting anywhere, and potentially dangerous.

Your mind is like a child - it will run amok if left alone and it will die if not allowed to run. We must take charge of our mind and train it to be productive. Such training will be incremental. It is an elephant - you cannot eat it in one bite. Take it one bite at a time.

Here are some bite-sized things you can do to start.

  • Set positive, achievable goals - This point is first because without a destination in mind, cannot direct your thoughts. Your goals should be achievable - no whole elephants! They should, however, be challenging enough to require some planning and effort - in that order!

  • Be aware of your thoughts - Even the aforementioned "mindless automatons" cannot truly shut down thought processes. Success is an attitude, and the things you think of and how you think of them will dictate your attitude. Hence the axiom: Change the way you think of things, and things you think of will change. It is essential that you take charge of your thoughts. Become consciously aware of what you think about and shape those thoughts such that they lead you toward your goals.

  • Take charge of idle time - There are often times in a person's day that are less mentally taxing than others. Do not waste those times.

  • Spend idle moments wisely and focus your thoughts on positive things, and preferably things that move you toward your goals.

  • Make time to concentrate on your goals - Lest this article be mistaken for an excuse to daydream, let me make something clear: You probably have things to do that require your full attention. Some jobs allow more freedom to think than others, but even the most menial tasks at least require attention to detail.

  • Set aside time to consciously devote thought and planning to reach your goals.

  • Finally, take a daily inventory - What did you think of today? Were your thoughts focused? Did you consider your ambitions in a positive context? Keep a journal of your daily mental excursions and make note of your progress toward your goals.

There is much more that you can do, but hopefully this will give you a good head start on training your mind. For more in-depth instruction and guidance and a free one-on-one session with a professional success coach, visit

For more in-depth instruction and guidance and a free one-on-one session with a professional success coach, visit

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